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Zebra ZM400 - a review

by:Zhongya Packaging      2020-08-05

When it comes to business, it is always possible that one starts out small and then plan to upgrade equipment as you go. If there is a barcode system, then chances are that home printers would not make the cut since commercial quality print capabilities are the need of the hour. The printer Zebra ZM400 is the perfect choice for midsized businesses and specifically designed for the job.

A marginally heavy price for a printer can be justified if the machine has incredible features and theh right amount of sturdiness that you need. This is where Zebra ZM400 is great. The printer has small footprint can be set anywhere. It includes an LCD screen and generates good viewing area. The prints are delivered quickly at 10' per second at different resolutions depending on your requirements. It is easy to view them through a clear side panel which gives a good idea about the process and also helps you gain courage to fix the machine or even change the head for printing, if needed.

Zebra ZM400 provides a plethora of features that are not yet replicated by other printers since the whole process is intuitive. One can see prompts running on the screen throughout the process. The machine can be coded with a programming language of your choice too. There are ports available for the USB connection along with a workable serial port and a parallel port. One can hook it wirelessly too, as needed.

Zebra S4M - a review

The Zebra S4M series barcode printers come with a rugged metal case and can make loading media easily and steadily. This printer comes with 300 dpi print head with memory options to choose from. The best thing about this printer is the price and its ability as a printer in a semi-industrial setup. This printer is primarily used in manufacturing, logistics, postal offices, ticketing and government work offices.

Zebra S4M provides an affordable solution for label requirements with extensive thermal transfer capabilities for barcode printing. The device is reliable and durable but available for distribution in limited measures.

The S4M is available with many configurations and wins out against the others because of its overall quality, performance and serviceability.

If you plan to print 1000 labels a day, one can do that with this printer. The S4M printer is a light commercial and industrial printer and easy to use which offers an outstanding value for many applications. The S4M offers a rich set of options and includes reliable metal construction.

It is evident that both the printers are a class apart and any business would be able to get the right Zebra barcode printer depending on the intensity of label printing needs over a period of time. All Zebra printers utilize 3 inch cores which help in continuous printing with fewer loads of media. Additionally, these devices are rugged enough to withstand drops from 6 ft. and above and robust enough to bear industrial environments along with harsh and demanding conditions.

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