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Safety operation guide for thermal paper slitting machine

Safety operation guide for thermal paper slitting machine


Thermal paper slitting machine is a kind of mechanical equipment for cutting wide - width thermal paper into narrow - width materials, which is different from that of the slitting machine. Usually, the slitting machine is a way of strip slitting in the form of a single layer after the wide coil is unrolled. 

The thermal paper slitting machine that we are talking about today is a machine for cutting the whole roll of material by rotating the blade in the opposite direction of the master roll. Common thermal paper slitting machines include automatic coreless slitting machines, automatic slitting machines, semi-automatic slitting machines, printing automatic slitting machines, and other forms.

thermal paper slitting machine


1.Switch on the electrical isolation switch (set in front of the electrical control cabinet), press EMERGENCY STOP RESET and READY TO RUN button, and open the MACHINE TO RUN (main operating platform) with the key to check whether the voltage (220V/380V) and current are correct and stable.

2.Open the power switch of the hydraulic system (set on the main hydraulic drive rack) and check whether the oil level and pressure gauge display of the main hydraulic drive system is correct and stable.

3.Open the pneumatic stop valve (set on the intake pipe under the pneumatic control cabinet) and check whether the air pressure is correct (not less than 6.0bar) and stable.

[Set the control]

1.Set the cutting menu of the type, thickness, length, and width of the thermal paper according to the cutting plan;

2.Set the coiling length and width of the corresponding thermal paper;

3.Select the appropriate coiling station, adjust the press arm and the press roller, and install the paper core with the corresponding specifications.

[Feed, wear paper, and receive paper]

1.Feeding: According to the requirements of the cutting plan, take the corresponding master reel, according to the internal and external selection direction put it on the winding rack of the thermal paper slitting machine, and clamp the steel core with the control button;

2.Paper penetration: the paper penetration device and function keys of the thermal paper slitting machine is used to make the paper evenly distributed on each roll along the cutting process;

3.Paper receiving: When there is a paper on the thermal paper slitting machine, manually flatten the paper on the first traction roller of the thermal paper slitting machine and start the paper sucking, paste double-sided tape, and cut off the excess paper under the tape, flatten the paper on the rolling rack, take off the paper layer of the tape and flatten the paper for bonding. The joints should be neat and wrinkle-free.

[Boot operation]

1.Change the specifications, set the paper core on the inner and outer coiling arms, and notify all personnel to leave the machine and get ready for operation when the press roller is in the state of operation;

2.Place the main operating platform on AUTO, READY TO RUN, and start MACHINE RUN.

[Cutting and control]

In the process of cutting operation, carefully monitor and observe the operation of cutting effect, cutting speed, unwinding tension, contact pressure, arc roller, edge material traction roller, guide edge, and other appropriate regulation and control.


1.When the machine stops running, the cutter will cut off the paper and automatically seal the paper coil. The small paper coil will be output.

2.Make sure all paper is stopped cutting to the conveyor line for the next cutting.


1.During the operation of the equipment, press MACHINE STOP according to needs.

2.In case of EMERGENCY such as equipment or man-made accident, press EMERGENCY STOP.

[Matters needing attention]

1.Ensure the correct and stable voltage, current and hydraulic equivalent before starting;

2.Before the equipment is ready for operation, all personnel must inform to leave the equipment to ensure personal safety before starting the equipment.

3.When the heat sensitive paper cutting machine is in operation, do not touch the paper roll or roll core in operation by hand, so as not to involve the hand and cause personal injury;

4.In the process of operation, do not cut or cut each roller core with a knife or hard object.

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