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The three cutting ways of slitting machine and its process flow

The three cutting ways of slitting machine and its process flow


The slitting process can be roughly divided into three ways: flat knife slitting, round knife slitting, extrusion slitting.

Flat knife slitting is like a razor, the single-sided blade or double-sided blade is fixed on a fixed knife rest, the knife will fall in the process of material operation, so that the knife will be longitudinal cut material, in order to achieve the purpose of slitting.

The slitting knife is mainly suitable for slitting thin plastic paper and composite paper.

Round knife slitting can be divided into tangential slitting and non-tangential slitting. Tangent slitting for material from the tangent direction of the upper and lower disc knife slitting, this slitting on the knife is more convenient, the upper disc knife and the lower disc knife according to the slitting width requirements, it is easy to adjust the position directly. 

slitting machine

Its disadvantage is that the material is easy to drift at the cutting place, so the accuracy is not high, and it is generally not used now. Non-tangential slitting is the material and the lower disc knife has a certain Angle, the lower disc knife falls, the material is cut. 

This cutting method can make the material is not easy to drift, cutting precision is high. However, it is not very convenient to adjust the knife. When installing the disc knife, the whole shaft must be removed.

Round knife slitting suitable for slitting thick composite paper and paper. At present, our thermal paper slitting machine uses knife slitting.

Extruding cutting in the domestic slitting machine is not common, it is mainly composed of synchronous with the material speed and material with a certain Angle of the bottom roller and convenient adjustment of the pneumatic knife. This slitting method can be slitting thin plastic paper, can also be slitting thick paper, non-woven fabrics, etc. Is a more convenient way to cut. It is a development direction of the slitting method of the slitting machine.

In the cutting process, prepare to start the machine. First of all, test the appearance of the large paper roll from the last process, printing and composite, and test the hardness and surface flatness of the large paper roll to see whether it can meet the requirements of cutting. 

Then, to immediately run the cutting equipment status, performance to fully understand and check the main operating parts of the equipment and electrical control part. At this time, a good big paper roll, according to the specifications of the user to adjust the blade, according to the normal production process boot production.

The normal running condition of the slitting machine is fundamental to ensure product quality. Because, after each slitting machine often runs at high speed, the running accuracy of some important key parts will be reduced, which is a little difficult to ensure the running accuracy of some small size paper rolls. 

Because the composite paper belongs to the polymer products, its thickness is relatively thin, easy to be damaged in processing, so, when the running accuracy of cutting is not enough, the thin paper is prone to produce longitudinal stripes and other quality problems. 

Therefore, after many years of observation and research, we have confirmed that the longitudinal fringe produced in slitting is the main quality problem in slitting and must be solved.

When entering normal production, the speed of the slitting machine should be strictly in accordance with the process requirements. Too high will also affect the cutting quality.

Therefore, if the cutting speed is controlled well, the required quality can be obtained. 

Because, in the production of some operators in order to improve the output, improve their economic benefits, artificially increase the cutting speed, this will make thin paper at high speed, prone to longitudinal stripe and layer quality problems. 

Therefore, in normal production, we must adopt the appropriate cutting process according to the equipment performance, the internal performance of thin paper, and the different types and specifications of thin paper.

Because, all kinds of thin paper cutting process parameters, identification methods, values are different, must be carefully adjusted for each production process.

In production, the use frequency of each station of the slitting machine is different, so the wear degree is different. Therefore, there will be a certain difference in performance. 

For example, for cutting products in good working conditions, there are fewer longitudinal stripes.

On the other hand, there are more vertical stripes. Therefore, each operator must pay attention to the correct choice of the station, play the best state of the equipment, grasp the use of the site, constantly summarize the experience, find the use of the best characteristics of the equipment.

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