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Zhongya company secures patent for automatic machine

Zhongya company secures patent for automatic machine


Zhongya won its  patents late last month, and  it’s closely related to every patent. “It’s a tremendous productivity improver,”  President Victor said of the new machine.

The excitement of winning that patent faded when other companies started making knockoffs and Zhongya had to start paying to defend its design. The  machine will be harder for competitors to replicate. But having secured the patent, the Zhongya need to figure out what to do with it.

“We’re trying to navigate  business model,” Victor said. “Capital equipment manufacturing would be a big step.It’s going to be quite a challenge but we’re going to make it,” That was the main point of the invention, Victor said — to increase production speed and volume. 

We strongly believe that Zhongya is to create the wealth for society,value for customers to improve automation for industry. We take trust,rigorousness,innovation,responsibility as our principle value,with our passion and wisdom to create difference,pursue perfect,increase core competitiveness to reach outstanding achievement,contribute to society. To establish internationally well-known manufacture base and dedicate to promote the prosperity for China’s automatic equipment industry.

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