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Classified interpretation of slitting machine tool use

Classified interpretation of slitting machine tool use


In our daily die-cutting production process, we often encounter the problem of material classification and cutting. In general, if the scale of die-cutting processing is not large, we will choose the incoming material directly cut by the supplier for cutting.

But generally, the scale of manufacturers will be directly equipped with slitting equipment. Then what are the problems in the actual slitting and slitting process? What measures should we take to deal with these problems?

Here are some common problems encountered in the daily cutting process to interpret and analyze with you.

classified interpretation of slitting machine tool use

Common die-cutting material cutting method

(1) oblique cutting: according to the demand of material feeding, the feed direction of the tool is adjusted, so that the feed direction is not completely vertical and the material diameter;

(2) Cutting: the cutter is fed vertically, and the wide coil is cut into multiple roles of narrow size material;

(3) Single speed feed: refers to the material or tool, the speed of any station feed, the other station to maintain driven feed;

(4) Double speed feed: it refers to the material or tool, the way to carry out the material cutting by opposite speed feed.

Manufacturing and purchasing qualified to slit equipment not only to meet these technical indicators, but also must consider the following two factors: operating efficiency, mainly including the speed of the equipment, stability and the difficulty of machine operation degree; Economic performance refers to the application range of equipment to materials, processing limit size, and the price of equipment, energy consumption, etc.

About the choice and use of slitting tools

(1) white steel knife, also known as a high-speed steel knife, this tool has good toughness, high cutting efficiency, but cutting sharpness is not good. The general use of this tool, the need to adjust the speed of the appropriate, to make up for the cutting process may cause the phenomenon of not sharp. This blade is mainly used for cutting PET material, PE material, and other materials with high hardness. The price is relatively cheap, more practical, is a common tool.

(2) tungsten steel knife, this tool brittleness is good, good sharpness, generally used for double-sided tape and other soft material cutting. The cutting precision of the cutting tool is good, cutting in the process of less burr, wire edge, and other phenomena. But the tool for more hard materials prone to collapse knife. And the cost of the tool is relatively expensive, generally, manufacturers only used it to cut tape, PE film, paper, and other relatively soft materials.

Note: a large part of the material wire edge problems mentioned in the paper are caused by the material winding is not tight in the process of winding, and the material dislocation is caused by the speed in the process of cutting, not all of them are caused by equipment and cutting tools. Manufacturers should pay attention to the inspection during use.

Common slitting machine process requirements

(1) The self-adhesive slitting machine should stop the fixed-length slitting processing of the whole roll or the whole sheet of original data, such as plastic packaging data, packaging cartons, steel plates, film, leather, wood chips, etc. to stop the slitting processing, and it should use the fixed-length slitting control.

(2) the control of fixed length slitting machine is divided into static and dynamic slitting two kinds: in the set, length arrived precise stop, and then static slitting processing, slitting after restart operation; When the set length arrives, the slitting signal is sent out without stopping, and the slitting machine dynamically slits processing in the process of material movement.

(3) the most important performance index of a fixed-length slitting machine is cutting precision, and the length divergence of waste products is good.

(4) The length of the adhesive slitter can be set continuously. If there is an error in the practice of slitting length, it is easy to stop the calibration by setting parameters.

Problems and solutions encountered in the work of slitting machine

The width of the base paper will generally give it's above the size of 3-5mm, special conditions will jump out of this range if the base paper specification is 875mm, we adjust the knife for 880mm, in the base paper part may be greater than 880mm, the edge of the paper plate will appear burr. In this case, you can stop the machine to loosen a knife, and then tighten the knife on both sides.

Why does the paper plate on the right side of the cut stick out for a while?

(1) At the beginning of the operation, the strip paper at the edge is not strained. This can be avoided by placing the strip paper properly when the machine starts to cut strips.

(2) the inner diameter of the paper core added to the paper core is too large, so that the expansion of the air shaft can not lock the paper core so that the paper core can slide when rotating and cause offset. The solution is to check the inner diameter of the paper core when the paper core is covered with the intake shaft.

Names and functions of common components in the equipment

The air pressure parts and components used in the cutting machine are: air pressure cylinder, speed regulating valve, shuttle valve, pressure reducing valve, solenoid valve, manual valve, oil mist device, water mist separator, etc.

(1) speed regulating valve, also known as throttle valve: by adjusting the gas flow to control the speed of the air cylinder action element.Generally not easy to damage, if there is damage, may be caused by the valve body rupture or twisting damage.

(2) shuttle valve: shuttle valve has two unidirectional and a unidirectional points, there are three airflow inlet, in the sense of relatively large pressure inlet, the actuating outlet pressure is displayed as a large pressure outlet, there is a one-way valve airflow inlet is locked. This valve is usually used for the uncoiling mechanism movement and tension to produce different pressure action on the output outlet, generally choose a single inlet one-way valve structure.

(3) pressure reducing valve: pressure reducing valve is in the system on the system pressure or branch pressure for partial decompression device, by adjusting the knob to achieve the use of the pressure we need, the structure of the pressure gauge, valve body, spring, pressure reducing diaphragm composition, usually, pressure reducing valve failure or leakage is caused by the diaphragm damage.

(4) Air cylinder: it is a power acting device, which is composed of air cylinder, electroplating shaft core, front and rear cover plates, piston and air seal. The easiest loss is air seal, there are O type, Y type, V type. When in use, if it is noticed that its actuation ability has decreased, it may be caused by the damage of the air seal (detection method: remove the air pipe at one end of the cylinder and supply air to the other end, if there is gas leakage from the pipe port, it is determined to be caused by poor sealing). It can be removed to check whether the seal is damaged or other cylinder parts are defective.

(5) solenoid valve: it is a functional valve that pushes the valve core to complete the selection of gas passage channels through the electromagnetic force generated by the solenoid coil when electricity is obtained. We commonly used valve has two three, two five, three-five, etc. The position here refers to the way that the valve body has control of the airflow channel, that is, in a certain "bit" when the movement direction of the cylinder is different, "pass" refers to the number of imports and exports of the gas in the loop.

(6) Oil mist triplet: refers to the device that atomizes the lubricating oil stored in the oil cup and enters the actuator cylinder together with the gas for lubrication when the gas passes through. At the same time, the water in the gas can be separated and the outlet pressure can be controlled by the pressure regulating valve. Its composition structure is: pressure regulating valve, oil mist device, water mist separator, called the air pressure triplet.

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