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Automated packaging equipment for thermal paper

Automated packaging equipment for thermal paper


    As people living standard rise, people are more attention to thermal paper. Final packaging quality is to guarantee thermal paper a key barrier, the packing quality to a certain extent, determines the quality of the thermal paper. Industry analysis, the higher the degree of automation that means that thermal paper is safe, because in the process of production, the less contact person, then can guarantee the thermal paper is the possibility of exposure. And the more advanced packaging equipment, the higher the degree of automation of the machine, so in the process of production, thermal paper contact the less chance of contamination. Packaging machinery industry development in our country has a great potential. With the continuous development of modern science and technology and progress, the future microelectronic, computer, industrial steps, image sensing technology and new materials will get more and more widely used in packaging machinery. In the design of automation technology in packaging machinery, automation has two characteristics: one is the single computer controls. Packaging machinery packaging need to complete the complicated with multiple steps. Procedure under computer control to absorb information and monitoring working condition of the each component, each component, specified by the program instructions to complete guarantee the quality of the completion of packing and packaging. Second, can distinguish the material and thickness. The human eye cannot easily identify the thickness and material of packaging materials used in packaging process, therefore, packaging machinery design often use video Procedures and detectors under computer control to distinguish the thickness of the material and the changes that have taken place in the process of packaging materials. The Procedure to check and identify the picture of the Procedure, and displayed on the screen.

    Thermal paper and packaging machinery automation level distance large high school level. High middle-grade thermal paper and packaging machinery automation products accounted for about 8% and 12% of the sales, in the use of PLC, inverter, low-voltage electrical products joint venture, the local use semi-automatic machine. Low level in the thermal paper and packaging machinery, automation products accounted for about 3% and 5% of the sales, most still is to use relay control, without the use of frequency converter, using the domestic low pressure electric appliance product, don't use the man-machine interface. In order to improve the design efficiency, but also can make use of computer simulation technology to shorten packaging machinery design cycle.

    People's requirement for packaging machinery is increasing day by day, good flexibility and flexibility has become a design to achieve the goal of packaging machinery, automation technology can achieve this requirement perfectly.

    Trends in industrial automation of packaging machinery will cooperate, helps to raise the overall level of packaging equipment. Such as high intelligent CNC system, the new intelligent equipment such as power load control has been widely applied to the packaging machinery and equipment, make the equipment users in the process of operation has more independence, flexibility and accuracy of operation, high efficiency and compatibility. The high efficiency of thermal paper processing, mainly is the electromechanical integration technology and light, electricity, liquid, etc. To realize the automatic control technology, the continuous production equipment instead of intermittent production equipment, the specialized production equipment instead of generalization of production equipment, one type of production equipment instead of small and medium-sized production equipment. To realize continuous production line, specialized operation, automatic adjustment, scale management, etc., can significantly increase the production efficiency and economic benefits. At present, many large thermal paper machinery manufacturing enterprises or multinational companies, most of the development of highly automated production line, the scale of production of large-scale production equipment, with high efficiency production win the market competition ability.

    Packaging machine is widely used in the field of thermal paper, but also is necessary. First of all, our country should satisfy the needs of the development of the fast thermal paper packaging machinery and actively participate in international competition, we must break the industry situation of the "small, scattered, keep moving forward in the direction of the" advanced ". The personage inside course of study thinks, the future packaging industry will cooperate with industrial automation trend, on technical development toward the mechanical function diversification, standardization and modularization design, intelligent control, high precision structure such as a few directions. Second, the thermal paper products have tendency of refinement and diversification direction, single varieties of large quantities of products less and less, and more varieties of small batch of products has increasingly become the mainstream. Under the trend of the environment, diversity, have a variety of switch function, can adapt to a variety of packaging materials and the replacement of the mold packaging machine can adapt to the demand of the market. The rapid development of thermal paper industry without the aid of packaging industry. Frequent thermal paper problems, the consumer puts forward higher requirements on thermal paper packaging. Its application in thermal paper packaging , avoid the secondary pollution of thermal paper, improve the production efficiency and reduce the enterprise cost, meeting the needs of packaging industry automation trend, but also promoted the packaging industry to further improve the level of automation.


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