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Focus on paper roll products slitting and packaging processing technology for more than 20 years

Zhuhai Zhongya Packaging Equipment Co., Ltd. was established in 2009, located in China's first "Global Environment Example Prize" romantic island city - Zhuhai, is a professional supplier engaged in paper automation equipment production lines development and production in China, mainly to provide thermal paper cutting machine, thermal paper packaging machine, conveyors line, threading machine, core cutting machine, label machine and other various types of automatic packaging equipment and packaging assembly line production for matching.


Zhongya’s products are widely used in China and all around the world, such as Canada, Mexico, the Philippines, Saudi Arabia, South Korea and so on.


Since its inception, Zhongya has been committed to meet the diverse needs of customers by providing high-quality production equipments. Our products have obtained a number of invention patents. With our innovative design concepts and rigorous production process, our products have been leading the trend of advanced paper automation equipments.


We believe that through our joint efforts, we will lift the paper processing equipment industry a better tomorrow.

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Take "science and technology for survival, credibility for development" as the corporate concept


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