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What's the difference between full automatic and semi-automatic slitting machines?

What's the difference between full automatic and semi-automatic slitting machines?


With the development of science and technology, a fully automatic slitting machine than a semi-automatic slitting machine can better adapt to the market needs and development. 

The semi-automatic slitting machine in the previous performance is very prominent in the manufacturing industry, but the development of the times and technology, demand changes, the development of the market make semi-automatic slitting machine gradually replaced by full automatic slitting machine. 

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what are the differences between fully automatic and semi-automatic slitting machines? 

1.The price is different

Semi-automatic slitting machine because of less mechanical parts, the overall price is low. Tens of thousands of pieces can buy a semi-automatic slitting machine. Full automatic slitting machine equipment high-end, high price.The price is two or three times higher than a semi-automatic slitter.

2. Different application objects

Full automatic slitting machine high degree of automation, so it is mainly used for slitting large quantities of thermal paper. For example, high-end precision internal structure slitting and appearance mechanism partial slitting assembly. A semi-automatic slitting machine is mainly for the small amount of manual enough products for slitting, internal structure slitting and appearance of the mechanism part of the slitting assembly is relatively simple.

3. Different slitting methods

A semi-automatic slitting machine is manually controlled to complete the whole work. First, put the tube core into the corresponding position, the machine rerolls the slitting, and manually take out the small paper rolls that have been slit. And the full automatic slitting machine is automatic through mechanical equipment to complete the slitting work, the first is through the automatic pipe slitting machine, conveying to the full automatic slitting machine to complete the rewinding slitting. The whole operation step is controlled in the software, and the whole workflow is automated.

4. Different operation difficulty

The automatic slitting machine has an intelligent visual system, which can install a monitoring lens on the slitting machine, and install programming software on the computer. In this way, the operator can send a variety of movement instructions through the computer to control the slitting equipment, let it according to various requirements to complete the slitting operation, the operation is simple and especially easy to use. 

A manual slitting machine lacks the part of mechanical movement, so it can only manually pass through the pipe and take out the paper rolls by hand, which is restricted by personnel efficiency and increases the loss. The semi-automatic slitting machine in the need of slitting products slitting the operation, so its operation is more complex and speed compared to the full automatic slitting machine is much slower.

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