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What are the applications of slitting machines?

What are the applications of slitting machines?


Slitting machine is a wide width paper or film cut into a number of narrow materials, usually used in printing and packaging machinery. The main characteristic of the slitting machine is the magnetic powder clutch as a resistance device, through the system control output dc voltage, to control the resistance produced by the magnetic powder clutch. So do you know where the slitting machine is generally used?

The application scope of slitting machine is as follows:

1. Suitable base material: mica tape, paper, insulating material and film cutting;

2. Applicable process: dishing, finished product inspection, finished product slitting, process cutting;

3. Applicable industries: industries related to various insulating materials, special electrical paper and thin films.

Slitting machine is a wide paper, mica tape or film slitting into a number of narrow materials of mechanical equipment, often used in papermaking machinery, wire and cable mica tape and printing and packaging machinery. Slitting machine mainly USES mica tape, paper, insulating material and film slitting, especially suitable for slitting narrow tape. Slitting machine is a large drum master volume slitting into different width of products, can have the role of checking product quality.

Slitting machine is widely used, mainly in these areas are widely used, we need the correct way to operate the use of slitting machine.

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