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ZHONGYA Company Celebrates Its 11th Anniversary

ZHONGYA Company Celebrates Its 11th Anniversary


On August 13, our team organized a celebration. We climbed mountains, barbecued and swam, and discussed the company's current state of development and its next direction. We cheer for past efforts and encourage each other in the future.


ZHONGYA company announced its 11th anniversary as a global, full-service mechanical automation firm. ZHONGYA began as a cashier paper sales manufacturer focused primarily on rewinding paper production for other companies. In 2009, Victor Wang was appointed ZHONGYA company CEO, joining his wife, YaFei, in providing thermal paper slitting machine,packing machine,conveyor line,paper tube threading machine,tube slitting machine,label machine,such as various types of automatic packaging machine and after packing production line supporting the production.


Since its inception in 2009, the company has been researching and developing automation equipment in mind. In 2010 we released in first full automatic slitting machine. Now in its eleven year as an automation machinery equipment firm, ZHONGYA has become a leader in the automation equipment for the market with unique perspectives and in-depth knowledge to its customers.


“ZHONGYA has experienced exceptional growth and development over the past years,”said Victor. “Moving forward, our focus will remain on offering new automation equipment and developing technologies that promote social progress.”


Over the past eleven years, ZHONGYA has been successful at evolving and changing to stay ahead of other automation equipment industry platforms and has positioned itself in the most competitive way possible. The company works collaboratively with its clients to assess their needs and leverage it in an efficient and effective manner . The ZHONGYA’s team consists of experienced engineers and software developers who deliver a fully mechanical solution that is versatile for any size organization.


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