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What is the difference between non-standard automation equipment and automation equipment?

What is the difference between non-standard automation equipment and automation equipment?


Generally, friends in the automation equipment industry may have a slight understanding of the definition and difference between automation equipment and non-standard automation equipment, but friends in the non-automation industry may have some misunderstandings about the difference between non-standard automation equipment and automation equipment. Today let the editor briefly introduce the difference between the two!

automation equipment

Definition of automation and non-standard automation :

Non-standard automation: refers to non-standard automation equipment customized according to customer needs. It also belongs to the field of automation. The function is tailor-made and customized automation machinery and equipment according to the process requirements of enterprise users. Its operation is convenient, flexible, and not single. It can be added according to the user's requirements, and there is a lot of room for modification. Commonly used in industries, electronics, medical, new energy vehicles, LCD/TFT manufacturing industries, and aerospace and other fields.

Automation: refers to the machine equipment, system, or process (production, management process) without the direct participation of people or fewer people, according to human requirements, through automatic detection, information processing, analysis and judgment, manipulation and control, to achieve the desired goal the process of. It is like a template to operate according to this specification and equipment like this is called automation equipment.

From the above two definitions, do you have a little understanding of the difference between automation and non-standard automation equipment? If you don't understand it, it doesn't matter, because the editor will tell you the difference between the two in detail.

Take our company's non-standard fully automated equipment as a simple example:

1. The floor area of the automation equipment is designed by the manufacturer during production and cannot be changed. However, some customers have requirements for the floor area of the equipment placed in the production workshop. At this time, non-standard automation equipment can meet customer requirements. Automation equipment can design the floor space of the equipment according to customer requirements;

2. Non-standard automation is a model and purpose customized according to customer requirements, while automation equipment is a fixed model;

3. Non-standard automation can meet the placement of special-shaped auxiliary materials, while automation equipment can only paste conventional auxiliary materials;

4. The accuracy and speed of standard automation equipment may have been set during production, while non-standard automation equipment can be made into high-speed and high-precision according to customer requirements;

5. Non-standard automation is small-volume production and automation equipment meets mass production.

All in all, non-standard automation equipment is automation equipment that can be customized according to all customer requirements, while standard automation equipment is fixed by the manufacturer in terms of model, floor space or other purposes, and is mostly used in large quantities produce.

With the continuous increase of labor costs, more and more companies have begun to pay attention to the field of industrial automation equipment, especially non-standard automation equipment, which can meet the diverse individual needs of enterprises. In the past, the booming development of China's manufacturing industry relied on a large amount of cheap labor. However, the time has changed. 

With the decrease of the newly added labor force in recent years and the improvement of people's living standards, labor is no longer a cheap resource. It has become more and more common to find a job. In order to meet the needs of production, automated production has gradually Valued by enterprises. The diversified needs of customers have promoted the development of non-standard automation equipment. A large number of non -standard automation manufacturers have emerged in the market. Our company is the one that stands out among the many non-standard automation manufacturers. 

Zhongya has always focused on the service concept and the service spirit of the company can achieve true production automation, quality automation, and benefits automation for customers, reduce labor costs, improve production efficiency, and improve product quality. It has won unanimous praise and long-term support from new and old customers designated supplier of Fortune 500 companies.

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