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Sensors commonly used in automation equipment

Sensors commonly used in automation equipment


Below we briefly introduce the sensors commonly used in industrial automation equipment.

automation equipment sensors

1. Magnetic switch:

It is a special name for the cylinder sensor, mainly used to detect the cylinder piston position. Usually, it is provided by the cylinder supplier according to the customer's usage. As the name implies, the magnetic switch detects the target through electromagnetic induction, so its detection accuracy is quite low.

2. Proximity switch:

The proximity switch is also designed and manufactured based on the principle of electromagnetic induction, so it can only be used to measure metal targets, and the sensing distance of different metals is slightly different. At present, the commonly used proximity switch detection distances are approximately as follows: 1mm, 2mm, 4mm, 8mm, 12mm, etc. There are usually two types of proximity switches: buried and non-buried. The so-called buried type means that the sensor head of the proximity switch does not detect the metal target in the circumferential direction, but only detects the metal target in front of it, that is, the sensor head can not expose the metal mounting bracket; the so-called non-buried type refers to the proximity switch sensor head It not only detects the metal target in front of it, but also detects the metal target in the circumferential direction.

That is, the sensor head must be exposed to the metal mounting bracket for a certain distance and there must be no metal targets within a certain range in the circumferential direction to avoid misjudgment. The detection accuracy of proximity switches is higher than that of magnetic switches. Proximity switches are usually used to determine whether the product is in place, whether the fixture is in place, and other occasions that require relatively low position accuracy.

3. Photoelectric switch:

The photoelectric detection method has the advantages of high accuracy, fast response, non-contact, etc., and has many measurable parameters. The sensor has a simple structure and flexible and diverse forms. Therefore, the photoelectric sensor is widely used in detection and control.

There are roughly three types of photoelectric switches we usually call: one is a reflective photoelectric sensor, one is a through-beam photoelectric sensor, and the other is a photoelectric sensor that uses a reflective plate to reflect light. Among them, the latter two are detected by shading the target object, and the former is the detection function by reflecting light from the target object.

Therefore, usually the latter two detection distances are farther and higher accuracy. Since the photoelectric sensor has a relatively high detection accuracy, it is usually used to detect the precise position of the product or the workpiece such as the manipulator and the feedback device of the step and servo system.

4. Optical fiber sensor:

The optical fiber sensor is also a detection element that uses photoelectric signal conversion. Compared with the photoelectric switch, it can usually detect smaller targets, longer detection distance, and higher accuracy. Therefore, optical fiber sensors are usually used in more precise detection occasions and positioning feedback devices of stepping and servo systems.

5. Grating:

The grating is also a sensor that uses photoelectric signals. The grating detection area is large, so it is usually called an area sensor. The most important application field of gratings is the interlocking and safety function between equipment, especially in the protection of people.

6. Displacement sensor:

As the name implies, it is a sensor that detects changes in the position of the target.

7. Pressure sensor:

The pressure sensor is used to detect the tension or pressure exerted or endured by the target.

8. Electric thermocouple:

The thermocouple is mainly used to detect the ambient temperature around it.

9. Laser detector:

The main function of the laser detector is to accurately measure the dimensions of the target.

10. Industrial cameras:

Industrial cameras are also usually called CCD (Charge-coupled Device) in engineering, and they are mainly used to detect the shape and position of the target. With the improvement of current CCD technology, high-resolution industrial cameras can already be used in the field of precise measurement.

11. Encoder:

According to the working principle, encoders can be divided into two types: incremental and absolute. The incremental encoder converts the displacement into a periodic electric signal, and then converts this electric signal into a counting pulse, and the number of pulses represents the magnitude of the displacement. Each position of the absolute encoder should be a certain digital code, so its indication is only related to the start and end positions of the measurement, and has nothing to do with the middle process of the measurement. Encoders are usually used with stepping motors or servo motors to form a closed-loop or semi-closed-loop control system.

12. Micro switch:

The micro switch is a contact sensor, which is currently mainly used in the connection between equipment or the detection of the status of the safety protection door of the equipment.

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