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Semi-Automatic Slitting Machine

Zhuhai Zhongya Packaging Equipment Co.,Ltd. is a modern Packaging Machine Lab Supplies company located in No.5ShengliRoad,JieyongIndustrialZone,Zhuhai,Guangdong,China,P.C.519015 xiangzhou zhuhai guangdong. The business scale covers from R&D and production to sales and service. slitting machine are major products.Zhongya Packaging 's thermal paper series include multiple types.This high-quality and performance-stable thermal paper is available in a wide range of types and specifications so that customers' diverse needs can be satisfied.

ZHONGYA specializes in the development and manufacturing of slitting machine and packaging machinery and has accumulated years of experience in the paper industry. Since founding data committed to meet the diverse requirements of costomers,provide high-quality production and equipment for customers. Our products have won many national invention patents. With innovative design concepts and rigorous production process,our company’s products-directly represents the advanced and popular trend of paper equipment.

After purchased base paper,we can perfectly slitting and package,and finally the products are rolled out.Our Semi-automatic machine is easy to operate. It eliminates the need for manpower,which can greatly reduce the production cost of small rolls of paper. The semi-automatic machine can be operated flexibly and the specification is adjustable. The machine adopts automatic adjustment processing mode, which is convenient for operation and ensures high production efficiency.

ZHONGYA has streamlined the process of the manufacturing the machine continually so that it has perfect packaging properties and that it is very safe, energy-saving, durable and cost-effective.The machine has a sturdy and compact body made of steel and thicker than other materials. we ensure that the service life of the machine can reach more than several decades.

Semi-automatic machine includes——

  1. 1.Semi-automatic slitting machine;
  2. 2.Standard vibrating paper core threading machine.
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