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After slitter rewinder from the thermal paper roll slitting machine, then become the finished small thermal paper rolls. On the middle of finished small thermal paper rolls, normally there are two type cores to insert the thermal paper rolls.

One is paper cores, like the fax paper,it is of paper cores to insert the thermal paper rolls. Another is plastic cores, this is the popular cores to suitable for cash register paper rolls. Like the pictures.

For plastic cores, there are two type too. One is white colour which made from one environment protection material ABS. Another one is black,the raw material is PE.


Even though we are one thermal paper roll slitting machine manufacturer, but there are many customer not only need the thermal paper roll slitting machine, but also looking for the correspond products like the above plastic cores. Sure we will try our best to supply the best products and best service for the clients.


Our factory is one professional manufacturer of thermal paper slitting rewinding machine. Most of our buyer is the thermal paper roll manufacturer. They buy our thermal paper slitting machine is mainly used to produce the thermal paper rolls like cash register paper roll, ATM paper roll, POS paper roll and FAX paper rolls.

Then there are some of our clients has some other needs after buy our thermal paper slitting machine. Sometimes they require the thermal paper jumbo rolls, plastic cores or paper cores etc. 


In order to meet the requirement of our thermal paper machine clients, besides we supply the technical support for our machine, we normally help them to purchase the thermal paper jumbo rolls, plastic cores or paper cores. That can save time of our thermal paper machine buyers. 


As we know,many thermal paper rolls manufacturer produce the thermal paper rolls, cash register rolls with paper cores or plastic cores before. In fact, the paper core or plastic cores is just let the thermal paper rolls manufacturers more conveniently. Now in order to save more cost, certanly it is also in order to satisfy with more and more ending customer, many thermal paper rolls manufacturer start to produce the cash register rolls without cores. In order to following in this trend, our semi-automatic slitting machine also can produce coreless type thermal paper.

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