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What's the difference between an automatic lathe and a semi-automatic lathe

What's the difference between an automatic lathe and a semi-automatic lathe


The difference between automatic lathe and semi-automatic lathe is that the fully automatic lathe is controlled by computer, while the semi-automatic lathe is controlled by computer and manual.

Automatic lathes, also known as microcomputer automatic lathes, mainly used for motor shaft, inner hexagon, screwdriver rod one word, cross, plum shape hardware milling and forming, is a machine, electricity, hydraulic integration of high-tech products, overall performance in the leading domestic level. Features:

1, microcomputer intelligent control flexible not to play the knife, and usually use the knife long life;

2. Qualified head can be milling as usual if the length error of tool rod is less than 2mm;

3. Spindle motor starts and stops automatically, with high safety;

4. The processing range of the length of the same machine cutter rod is from 20mm to 380mm;

5. The whole machine has no mechanical electrical components such as intermediate relay and trip switch, with low failure rate;

Semi-automatic lathes are hydraulic and electrical semi-automatic circulation, for the processing of disk parts of the special lathes, such as: automotive brake disc, gear, flange, motor end cover. Machine tool operation is simple, easy to adjust, is the disk parts processing industry ideal processing equipment.

Operating instructions:

1. The operator shall obtain the operation certificate after passing the examination, and shall be allowed to operate. The operator shall be familiar with the performance and structure of the machine, and shall abide by the safety and handover system.

2. Before work, oil should be injected in strict accordance with the lubrication regulations, and keep the oil amount appropriate, the oil road smooth, the oil label (window) eye-catching, the oil cup, oil line, linoleum and other clean.

3. Check whether all parts are in good condition and run empty for about 10min. Confirm that all parts are running normally before starting work.

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