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Regular maintenance of Slitting machines is the key

Regular maintenance of Slitting machines is the key


With production equipment under increased pressure to meet the higher demand for thermal paper caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, it is more vital than ever that it is kept in top condition to ensure maximum output. This includes every link in the chain, including surface treatment.

Slitting machines work best if they are correctly and regularly maintained – but it is not quite as simple as that. The level, type, and frequency of maintenance can vary significantly from one customer to another depending on a variety of factors, including the substrate being treated, the degree of usage, and the production environment.

There are five main points that all users need to factor into their production maintenance schedules:

1. Regular inspection at intervals of no more than two weeks – this will head-off potential problems down the line and save the time and money wasted on unexpected stoppages and downtime. If the plant is running 24/7, one may need to increase the frequency of these inspections.

2. Taking care of the electrodes – they need cleaning on a regular basis to continue to perform at maximum output so any deposit build-up should be carefully removed. In addition, check that they are all working, and if there is a failure, one must replace the faulty electrode with a new one so that the system can operate at full power, as it’s designed to do – do not be tempted to continue running with a failed electrode.

3. Check the inside of dust build-up. This is a risk that can be easily prevented – look for dust on the side plates and clean off the deposit before it becomes a hazard.

4. Check the air gap between the electrodes and the substrate. This will have been set at installation to achieve an even spread of power for optimal performance, but the gap can begin to open or close through usage and the result will be inconsistent performance and poor-quality treatment .

5. Make sure the air compressor is operating as it should. Assuming it was specified and installed correctly, you need to ensure that it is kept free from any blockage.

And finally, if there is a problem that cannot be solved alone, do not hesitate to contact the Zhongya Team – it is set up to do remote diagnosis and offer online assistance with all equipment, wherever the location. With careful planning, there is no need for downtime that costs money!



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