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Do you know the causes of carbon deposits and sticky paper on thermal paper?

Do you know the causes of carbon deposits and sticky paper on thermal paper?


As thermal paper is widely used in retail, gaming, finance, clothing, logistics, medical and other fields , in order to meet a variety of applications, the formulation and coating of thermal paper are also diverse, such as to improve hair color performance increases and the amount of high-sensitivity sensitizer. In order to improve the coating effect of colorants and thermal base paper, adding sizing agents, will bring about various problems. Now the main problem needs to be solved of the thermal printing market is that carbon deposit and sticky paper.

The current printer market is a momentum of steady development. Now the global production of printers was about 170 million units. Among them, there are about 57.5 million thermal printers , accounting for about 33% of the printers , 46 million direct thermal methods,accounting for 26.9% , and about 11.5 million thermal transfer methods or ribbon printing methods, accounting for 6.5% . It is increasing year by year.

Thermal printers account for the largest proportion of POS/ECR by field , about 60 % to 70% , followed by barcode printing about 8% to 10% , fax machines about 3% to 5% , and image printing about 3 % ~5% , card printing accounts for about 0.5%~1% .

Carbon deposits and sticky paper are particularly serious in barcodes used in POS/ECR , logistics and supermarkets , which account for a relatively large proportion .

The thermal paper develops color during the printing process of the thermal printer. Due to the poor absorption of the thermal paper, the melt cools and solidifies when the thermal paper leaves the heating element, causing the color to accumulate on the print head. Part of it is taken away by the thermal paper again, and a small part is stuck to the thermal print head and accumulates to produce carbon deposits.

In the thermal printer under certain conditions such as low temperature or high humidity, the thermal body of the printing hair does not store enough heat or the cooling speed is too fast, and the melt of the thermal paper cools and sticks to the print head, causing it to stick or print compression. At the same time, the phenomenon accompanied by loud noise is collectively called sticker.

Carbon deposits and adhesive paper have caused great harm to the thermal print head. The generation of carbon deposits not only affects normal printing, but also because it adheres to the surface of the heating element of the print head, affecting its heat dissipation. Long-term high temperature will cause the print head Impact damage and some carbon deposits falling inside the printer will affect the normal transmission, so it needs to be cleaned regularly.

The production of sticky paper will affect the initial printing and high-print rate printing of some printers. When the sticky paper is produced, it will be accompanied by loud noises, and the phenomenon of printing sticking or compression or white or black stripes will seriously affect normal printing. It may even damage the print head. 

In collaboration with well-known domestic thermal paper manufacturers, we selected 12 different thermal papers for analysis and testing. Through comparative analysis, the influencing factors and improvement directions of carbon deposition and sticky paper are clarified. As far as the printing process is concerned, the influencing factors include the environmental temperature and humidity , the characteristics of the print head, the energy, pressure, position, printing proofs, paper formula and craftsmanship set by the printer, all have varying degrees of influence. The improvement effects are shown relevance in Table 1.





Print Head



Table 1 Correlation with influencing factors of carbon deposit and sticky paper

(the relevance increases in order ○◎●


Influencing factors of carbon deposition related to thermal paper: carbon deposition has a lot to do with the organic and inorganic components of the primer and the thermal layer, the ratio and the coating process.The heat-sensitive layer and top coat of the heat-sensitive paper have a greater impact on the adhesive paper, mainly due to the temperature resistance of the organic components contained in the top coat, and the inorganic components in the heat-sensitive layer, such as lubricants, which may cause sticking paper.

Current thermal printing market is developing steadily, especially the rapid development of financial terminals, medical treatment, portrait printing, zink printing, handheld 3inch barcode printing, etc. The demand for thermal printing is also increasing. In the future, the thermal industry will at least have the number has increased by 5.5% year by year , and the consumption has increased by 1.5% . On the basis of the realization of functions, printing quality has attracted more and more attention from printer manufacturers, especially terminal consumer groups. If thermal paper manufacturers cooperate with thermal print heads and thermal printer manufacturers to solve problems such as carbon deposits and sticky paper, and improve printing quality to a new level, the domestic thermal market will be faster, better, Develop healthier.

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