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Thermal paper roll is a special paper products which is coated thermal elements chemical (containing BPA) that changes color when exposed to heating. It is used in thermal printing and particularly in inexpensive or lightweight device AMT machine,Cash register machine,POS machine,ECG machine etc.


Normally,the coating side will turn black when heating, but sometimes coatings that turn blue or red.


In 21st century,thermal paper products are widely used in every aspect,ATM roll,POS roll,cash register roll,ECG roll,Plotter roll,car packing roll,queue up roll,lottery roll,menu ordering roll etc.


According to the different width request for the different purpose of thermal roll,a thermal paper slitter is required for slit rewind into small width of each requirement.

Our cash register paper roll slitting machine can slit rewind different size cash register paper rolls. Now I introduce some normal size of cash register paper rolls.


The normal size for cash register paper rolls as below:57*50mm,57*60mm,57*100mm,80*50mm,80*60mm,80*80mm,80*120mm etc.


The above cash register paper rolls can be sold by diameter, also by meters. The quality of thermal paper rolls is very important. If the quality of thermal paper rolls is better, the speed of thermal paper roll slitting machine will be faster.


As we know, our thermal paper slitting machine is mainly used to slit rewind the thermal paper rolls, but do you know what's usage for the thermal paper rolls?


In fact,the thermal paper rolls has so many usage way. When we go to supermarket or shopping mall to buy something, and when you pay the money,the POS paper is thermal paper rolls, the cash register paper rolls is thermal papers. When you go to bank, the ATM or banking machine must be use the thermal paper rolls. Or you go to hospital, the medical equipment record or ticketing receipt rolls  is also of thermal paper rolls. In the office, the FAX paper is thermal paper rolls, when you waiting in line, you must get the queuing system ticket, this ticket is also of thermal paper rolls.

Since the thermal paper rolls has so many usage, the thermal paper rolls is produced by our thermal paper roll slitting machine. I believe our thermal paper slitting machine has the big market.

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