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How long can label paper be stored? Tell you in detail here

How long can label paper be stored? Tell you in detail here


Recently, more and more partners have bought labeling machines. Of course, many people are worried about the short storage time of its label paper. Therefore, today, I will make a description of a series of popularization of paper labels based on the issues that everyone cares about.

Let me talk about why label paper has a storage time. Because label paper is a special self-adhesive label, its working principle is: input printing information into the cash register, stimulate the print head to heat up, induce chemical changes in the discoloration layer of thermal label paper, and display clear text and images. Therefore, the receipt printed on thermal label  paper cannot be stored permanently, and the writing on it will fade over time.

However, the speed of thinning is closely related to the quality of the label paper itself, handling and storage methods. Generally, heat-sensitive labels paper, due to the material, structure, and storage environment, the temperature will determine the corresponding storage time. If it is exposed to the sun and the temperature exceeds 30 degrees Celsius, it can only be stored for about ten days. ‍‍If the commonly used label paper is in a cool place, it will be no problem to keep it for about a year.

The long-term preservation of thermal printing paper has a lot to do with its own quality. The quality determines the quality of the printed data and the long-term storage of the data, and even the use of the printer over time. Life span will have an impact. Generally, the shelf life we see on the thermal printer packaging is more than 30 years, which is only possible with very good thermal printing paper. The shelf life of poor quality thermal label paper is only about half a year, while the shelf life of relatively better thermal printing paper is four to five years.

Thermal printing paper is generally divided into three layers, namely paper base, thermal coating, and protective layer. Generally speaking, the only two layers that affect the quality of thermal label paper are thermal coating or protective layer. Then how to judge thermal label paper is good or bad, here are three small methods to teach you:

1. Look at the appearance of the paper

First of all, we can judge its quality by looking at the appearance. When observing the appearance of thermal printing paper, we can first check whether its color is white or not. If the color is too white, it means that the paper is added. A lot of phosphors are added, and it depends on the finish of the paper. Observe whether the entire paper looks uniform. If the surface is uneven, it means that the thermal layer and protective layer are not well done during production, and the quality of the paper is also Is not good enough.

2. Bake it over fire

If you can't judge by observation, you can bake the back of the paper with fire. If the paper is brown after being heated, it means that the quality of the thermal paper is not good and the storage time is short. If the color is black and green , and the color is uniform, the quality of the paper is good and can be stored for a long time.

3. Comparison and identification of sunlight exposure

The printed paper is smeared with a highlighter and placed in the sun (this can accelerate the reaction of the thermal coating to light). Which kind of paper turns black fastest means the shorter the storage time.

Therefore, as long as the storage method is proper, the quality of the purchased label paper is not too bad, and it is basically no problem to store it for a year or a half, so there is no need to worry too much about such problems. 


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