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Trace product quality QR code labeling machine equipment! -Automatic labeling machine manufacturer-Online printing labeling machine-Shenzhen Bogao logo

by:Zhongya Packaging      2022-01-12
Tracking product quality QR code labeling machinery and equipment! Everyone who wants to come to see the QR code. We apply it to the QR code anytime and anywhere in our daily lives. We usually use the QR code to buy an item in the store, and we also use the QR code to add a WeChat. However, the two-dimensional code labeling machine should not have been seen by everyone. This labeling machine is a labeling machine equipment that can carry out traceability and anti-counterfeiting labeling of goods. This labeling machine is reasonable Helped everyone to prevent customers from buying fake products. The net editor has a cat at home, so he often buys some kitten cat food. There are many products such as kitten cat food, which can be said to be imitation goods. For example, the more popular GO nine kinds of meat, Jinsu sales market There will be a lot of imitation goods on the website, and the way to identify whether the goods you buy is genuine is to check the QR code on the QR code labeling machine. You only have to scan the QR code to log in. It is a very convenient and very useful function for the QR code labeling machine to label the product to carry out the anti-counterfeiting mark. Nowadays, the commodity market competition in various fields is very fierce, and there are many competitors. There are also many products. Only when anti-counterfeiting labels are applied can customers feel at ease. Unable to distinguish, and suspicion of this corporate brand product, it is obvious how critical it is to apply QR code labeling machine labeling to anti-counterfeiting marks. In addition to anti-counterfeiting marks, you can also apply QR code labeling machine labeling to carry out quality traceability, and use this method to ensure product quality. In this way, there are sufficient assets to match competitors. We are in everyone’s products. Before manufacturing the original factory, each product is assigned a real identity number with anti-counterfeiting identification. Customers can find out the authenticity of the product by scanning the QR code. After applying the traceability platform, you can search for the product introduction and the flow of the product. In the logistics distribution center, after several shipments, the information content of the various raw materials used in the goods. For each product, the ability to work with one thing and one code is completed. At present, the two-dimensional code labeling machine using the Bogao logo can be said to have completed the requirements and built to the production and manufacturing process management and the integration of logistics information management. Chu searched for the role of information content. One thing one code product traceability platform comprehensively applies excellent Internet of things technology, mobile Internet, QR code, RFID and other Internet of things, from packaging, storage, warehouse entry and exit, freight logistics There is a detailed record of the entire process of order information, delivery, market sales, and terminal equipment storefronts. Customers watching the product production process also have a supervisory effect and will purchase products with more peace of mind. We Bogao logo is a technical and professional labeling machine manufacturing enterprise. The QR code labeling machine we produce is used in various fields. If everyone has the need to purchase a labeling machine, we warmly welcome to leave a message online Bogao Logo.
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