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To operate a fully automatic labeling machine, it is necessary to master common faults and handling methods-automatic labeling machine manufacturer-online printing labeling machine-shenzhen blog

by:Zhongya Packaging      2022-03-19
The adoption of the automatic labeling machine has completely changed the different labeling structures of the machinery industry. The label transmission does not need to be stopped, and it advances quickly one after another. It is actively positioned and corrected by the sensor. The feeding and loading of products does not require manual intervention. Large quantities, without interruption, are quickly conveyed to the labeling position through the conveyor belt in large quantities, and then sent to the product collection or the next station after labeling. Reduced manual participation in the feeding and unloading process, so the power has been greatly improved. The power of the fully automatic labeling machine can be increased to hundreds of labels per minute. Compared with the semi-active equipment, it completely occupies the power advantage. The high efficiency of the automatic labeling machine can greatly save the high labor cost, greatly improve the production power, and quickly meet the large production demand. Of course, the labeling machine must inevitably have some problems or minor faults during the use process, so it is It is necessary to master common faults and handling methods. The bottom paper is broken, this problem often occurs in the work of the automatic labeling machine, that is, the label is damaged in the process of being towed. In addition to replacing the good quality label paper, it is also necessary to pay attention to avoiding the label There is a problem of scratches on the label. Once there is a label that is easy to break, it should be controlled. Only when the quality of the label is guaranteed, can the labeling machine run better. Deviation, there is a deviation in the automatic labeling opportunity, the label is off, or the trend is unstable, the traction is slippery, and the packaging material is not in place. When encountering this kind of problem, pay attention to righting the label so that the label can walk on the right path, adjust the inclination of the label, realize parallel labeling, labeling errors, and deviations in the edge position of the packaging material during the production process. It is necessary to pay attention to control well. Only by ensuring the quality of the material can the problem of deviation be completely solved. Continuous labeling, when the automatic labeling machine is working, often encounter the situation of continuous labeling. Adjusting the electric eye still cannot solve it, and it has exceeded the scope of application. At this time, you should pay attention to whether the label has been cheated. The electric eye cannot detect the presence of the tag at all, and only when the position is adjusted accurately can the position be detected. In the traction speed, it should also be noted that the automatic labeling machine can adjust the speed while ensuring the labeling quality. When problems are encountered, they can be found and resolved in time, and if they are dealt with in place, the small faults in the labeling process can be effectively solved. Let it do the labeling normally. Fully automatic labeling machines have a broad market. Indicate all the information resources of the product, so that consumers can better understand the product, and merchants can also use product labels to attract consumers. The labeling machine market has broad prospects, but the same market competition is also fierce. In order to gain a firm foothold in the labeling machine market and even gain most of the market share, in addition to the demand for high-quality innovative products, it is also necessary to improve the quality of after-sales services.
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