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To buy a labeling machine, learn to measure these data-automatic labeling machine manufacturer-online printing labeling machine-shenzhen bogao logo

by:Zhongya Packaging      2022-01-09
How many data of the labeling machine should be considered when buying a labeling machine? The editor here directly shares a few data with you, which is also the performance of the labeling machine's work efficiency and whether it is worth the price of the labeling machine. Learn to read these data, and no longer be afraid of the salesperson's introduction of their products. Okay, so you have to learn as a company purchaser. The positive label label is affixed to the packaging container, and the deviation between the center line of the label and its theoretical position is within the specified range. It can also be understood that when the labeling machine is working, the probability of positive labeling is The labeling machine is not up to standard, so take the time to repair it! Therefore, this data must be tested many times, and several free trials can be seen to see the effect. In the round bottle self-adhesive automatic labeling machine, it is called positive labeling. If there are multiple labels on the same packaging container, the deviation of each from the theoretical position shall be calculated according to the above definition, and they shall all be within the specified range. There are also those data that we pay special attention to together: The labeling rate is the percentage of the number of packaging containers that are labeled according to the labeling requirements (single label or multiple labels) to the total number of packaging containers that are inspected. Label damage rate In the labeling process, the percentage of the number of labels damaged by the labeling machine to the total number of labels consumed during the labeling of the packaging container being inspected. The positive labeling rate is the percentage of the number of positively labeled packaging containers to the total number of inspected packaging containers among the packaging containers being inspected. The above several rates are the important indicators and data descriptions for choosing our labeling machine. Qualified products must allow you to quickly complete the task of marking and packaging. In the labeling machine market, there are still many worth buying various labeling machines. , The editor reminds everyone that you must choose your own suitable labeling machine according to your own output and product style. Bogao logo has various power labeling machines and various styles of labeling machines for: garden bottles, single-sided, double-sided Labeling machine for surface, etc. demand. You can contact us now to apply for a free trial.
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