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Tips for extending the life of medical labeling machine-automatic labeling machine manufacturer-online printing labeling machine-shenzhen bogao logo

by:Zhongya Packaging      2022-05-06
We all know that the medical labeling machine is a more sophisticated equipment, but because many manufacturers have not maintained it in place, the life of the medical device labeling machine has been greatly shortened, so what are the ways to extend the life of the medical labeling machine? Today, Bogao logo technicians will answer this question for everyone. 1. Clean the medical labeling machine regularly. The interval is determined by the packaged and labeled products. For example, the cleaning interval should be smaller for products that are packaged and labeled with powder and dust. The packaging is not easy to contaminate the equipment. The cleaning interval of the product can be longer. However, it is better to clean it frequently. When cleaning, be careful not to let the internal electrical components touch water, otherwise it is easy to cause damage to the medical labeling machine. 2. Do some basic inspections of the equipment before work every day, and start work only after the inspections are correct. When in use, it should be used in accordance with the correct operating specifications. After a fault alarm, it should be shut down immediately and then checked that some parts of the equipment have failed. After the fault has been checked, the work can be started. 3. After the medical labeling machine is used every day, the body should be wiped, and anti-rust oil should be applied to the equipment after wiping. 4. If the equipment is working in a place that is too humid, certain moisture-proof measures need to be taken, such as buying some moisture-proof things such as desiccant and putting it in the working environment. 5. If the purchased medical labeling machine is not required to be made of anti-corrosive materials when purchasing it again, be sure not to pack some corrosive products, which will cause great damage to the body. In fact, the method on how to extend the medical labeling machine is very simple, that is, pay more attention to some details in the operation, and do a good job of cleaning and maintenance regularly, which can greatly extend its service life.
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