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Three things you need to know about automatic labeling machine failure

by:Zhongya Packaging      2022-05-12
Fully automatic labeling machines are still widely used in practice, but you may have some problems in the process of using them, such as label broken. In fact, under normal use, label broken phenomenon occurs from time to time. Many people hope to find out the specific reasons. Many people actually consider the specific conditions of these operations when they choose the automatic labeling machine for actual operation. Some problems may be avoided. In the following, some common problems of the automatic labeling machine may be Will do a good job related processing. Are there cracks in the bottom edge of the label? If the automatic labeling machine breaks the label during the actual printing process, in this case, we must check whether the bottom edge of the label is cracked, which is reflected in the self-adhesive label, and generally speaking Keep the bottom paper of the entire label wider. Only in this way can you effectively avoid the problem of cracks during use and handling. If it is a fully automatic labeling machine, then everyone must pay attention to the entire label when actually using it. There must be tension on the top. If the tension is not enough, it is likely to cause label breakage. Choose relatively good quality label paper. Die-cutting quality is not good Die-cutting quality is good or bad, it will definitely have an impact on the label breaking of the automatic labeling machine, because if the entire pressure is relatively large, it is easy to cause strong stretching at the bottom, which leads to stretching In this way, the entire automatic labeling machine may be broken, and there may be cracks in the cut of the entire position. The screws can be adjusted in time to ensure the proper strength. Is the separation destroyed? When the automatic labeling machine performs actual printing and labeling, once the separation layer is damaged, label breaking will also occur, and various reasons will cause label breaking.
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