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This is a digital era where information is no

by:Zhongya Packaging      2020-08-24

Besides storing music and films, DVDs and CDs are used by numerous companies for marketing purposes. Most of the corporate presentations today are carried out through discs which have been carefully duplicated into several copies for quick distribution. Advertisements by companies and tutorials are contained in these same discs passed through a high quality duplicator to ensure that the quality of information is retained, and that it will reach the last customer in its right form.

Modern technology of duplication has made it possible for companies to make clean and quality copies from source, otherwise known as master copy. As a means of cutting operating costs, most companies have made the right decision to purchase their very own CD DVD duplicator machines.

Essence of duplication

CD DVD duplication simply means copying from the original (master) to numerous other copies, which can be done up to 1,000 or more copies without compromising quality. In this process of duplication, various types of DVDs can be used, which will include DVD+R, DVD-R, DVD-RAM, DVD-RW, among others.

The ideal machine for duplication of DVDs and CDs is the CD DVD duplicator which can be either manual or automatic. This equipment is able to make several copies simultaneously, and fast provided your computer has well functioning enabled drives.

Benefits of CD DVD duplication

This is a modern process that has taken the cumbersome work of individuals by compressing too much content into a very small platform. It has been used successfully by small and big companies for marketing because they are easy to reach many people in short periods of time.

Data contained in CDs and DVDs is safe and can stay there for the longest time.

DVDs and CDs are easily available and accessible to many people today, thanks to more people having access to DVD players and computers fitted with DVD CD ROMS.

Rewritable discs are cheap and can be accessed by more people if content is relevant. By being cheap, this enables companies to spend less on their advertising and promotions. As opposed to print media, CD DVD duplication is cheaper in the long run because it can be valid for a very long time as long as the content remains relevant.


As much as these discs are important and helpful, they are very delicate and must be handled with utmost care. Storage must be top notch, where they will not be in any danger to be scratched or exposed to heat. Packaging should be done professionally to ensure that they are properly protected even over long periods of time.

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