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This includes the amount of gas and electricity

by:Zhongya Packaging      2020-08-21

At FingerTec USA Biometric Systems, we're constantly looking for ways to further reduce the impacts our products have on the environment. We have a full line of biometric time machines,Fingerprint biometrics,time clock machines, face biometrics, access control systems, RFID cards and time attendance control machines.

FingerTec USA offers a wide range of business technology products specializing in authentication, biometric time clock models, time and attendance systems, online identification and other security products that are environmentally friendly.

While there is a study report that explains online shopping is inherently more environmentally friendly than traditional retailing methods, FingerTec USA is constantly taking extra effort to deliver all our resources via online means to carry out business operations and ultimately achieve the same goal.

Lowering The Carbon Account

FingerTec USA has set forth two main objectives for our brand, first is to help our resellers market our products easier, and second, is to help them reduce their dependency on technical support.

These objectives, heavily furnished with our extra-ordinary online resources plan, have successfully and tremendously reduced unnecessary sales visits or technical traveling on the roads for our resellers around the world over the years. All the needed resources can be easily accessed on the web, including comprehensive online training materials, and technical tips, which has proved helpful to the customers and resellers in reducing transportation costs.

Besides that, our products are not only designed to have low energy consumption; we also work towards utilizing web-enabled technology to improve remote communications and achieve long distant technical support. Furthermore, the introduction of online tools such as TeamViewer for remote desktop support, has helped to further enhance these objectives.

Reducing Packaging Waste

We have worked to see that some of our FingerTec USA products and accessories are designed to be collapsible, to be able to reduce packaging size and also to ease transportation.

Since early 2011, FingerTec USA has made significant progress to reduce excess packaging in its shipments to customers and has introduced additional types of recyclable packing materials to protect items while in transit. The resizing of our packaging also plays a big role in reducing waste as well as transportation cost.

Most FingerTec USA orders are shipped in corrugated packaging, which on average contain 43% recovered fiber content. Once used, these containers are 100% recyclable for use in the manufacturing of other paper products.

At the start of 2011, we started a 'Going Green' campaign to further reduce the use of paper in our products by putting a stop to all user manual print-outs for FingerTec USA's hardware and software, replacing them with an all new DVD which contains everything the customers' need in one disk. All contents are professionally paginated, and designed to be easily accessible.

Continue Efforts To Go Green

At FingerTec USA, we will be continuing to implement environmental and energy-saving initiatives across all parts of the company. FingerTec USA employees at all levels dive deep into every nook and cranny of the process to identify waste and design alternative solutions that are more energy efficient.'

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