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These days, so many options are available for

by:Zhongya Packaging      2020-08-08

Thermal transfer printing method: During the process, the printer makes use of a horizontal arrangement of several tiny heating elements to melt ink from a wax ribbon that shifts in tandem with the compact disk. The print head is responsible to transfer the dots to the compact disk face to create an image.

Further, thermal transfer printing is of two types on a CD; a single color and full color. A single color form of CD printing is one of the simplest forms of the CD printing. This form is suitable to two applications. First, when compact disk needs a description of the content. This method is considered as one of the best, cost effective and time saving. Second, if CD requires to have similar looking labels across various titles.

Offset Litho printing method: This printing begins with photographic exposure used to produce the plates. Litho printing method includes four colors such as magenta, cyan, black and yellow.

Screen printing method: Screen printing method needs the artwork to be split into element colors. This method is very easy and cost effective. The screen printing method provides the highest quality images on the CD and DVD printing.

Inkjet printing methods: This method involves the process of spraying ink on the CD and DVD in an apt manner. It is almost similar to ink sprayed on the paper while printing. With the help of inkjet printer, one can simply print on regular CDs and DVDs. Inkjet printers are less expensive as compared to thermal printer, however, ink of the inkjet printer is costlier as compared to the ink of the thermal printer. If you are searching for better quality images, inkjet printing on the CDs and DVDs is the best choice.

Nowadays, there are many CD and DVD packages available at affordable prices and offered by various companies. CD and DVD packaging options are growing with the passage of time. It depends upon your requirements what package you want to buy. The best CD and DVD packaging will make your product more competitive. There are various CD and DVD package options as follows:

CD packaging options

CD cases

Plastic CD bags

Mini disc cases

CD hubs, buttons or dots

CD sleeves

Adhesive CD sleeves

DVD packaging options

DVD cases

Plastic DVD case bags

Imprinted vinyl DVD albums

DVD jewel box trays

DVD/ VHS combo case

Many companies provide different CD and DVD packaging services. However, you need to choose the best and reliable provider that suits as per your requirements. It is strongly recommended to browse the internet to choose the most suitable service provider. You can even contact them for more details. With the right option, you can get better and more cost-effective results.

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