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There are many specialized industries in business

by:Zhongya Packaging      2020-08-05

Below are a few supplies that garden centers use on a regular basis -

Horticulture printers: Garden centers and nurseries use 100s of labels and tags to specify plant information - what type of plant, gardening instructions, price and more. For bigger garden centers, it is not a problem to have an outside company print labels. But for a lot of smaller nurseries, it may be too expensive to have an outside company supply labels, or they need labels printed at a much smaller volume. For these nurseries, their own horticulture printer is often a good option. The TSC-TTP-245 printer is perfect for nurseries who want to produce smaller volumes of superior tags and labels. TSC-TTP-245 printer package uses the same roll stock as large printers. The TSC-TTP-245 handles full size rolls of stock (3'core with 8'OD rolls) and a 984' ribbon. lt prints 4'wide with a 203 dpi resolution at speeds up to 5' per second making this, pound for pound, the fastest, most versatile, user friendly desktop system for low volume requirements on the market today.

Thermal Slip-On Tags: When it comes to horticulture supplies, thermal slip-on tags are a great way to identify your plants, shrubs, flowers and other products. Once locked, the thermal slip-on tag will stay on the plant material until removed. Another great feature of horticulture supplies and slip- on tags is thermal print. Thermal print adheres to the surface of your slip-on tags for years, and will not fade away.

Thermal Pot Tags: Thermal pot tags from. can be pre-printed with your information or you can purchase blank stock tags to print with your thermal transfer printer. Thermal print adheres to the surface for years, and will not fade away. The dry printing process means tags are ready to use as they come off the printer.

When searching for horticulture supplies, some of the most important features to consider are durability, weather-resistant materials, and slip-on tag and pot tag customization options. A lot of horticulture supplies companies can customize your horticulture labels with pre-printed logos or graphics. It is also good to ask your supplier for different sizing, color and shape options. The next time you're out looking for plants for your garden, have a look at some of the garden center's horticulture labels and tags. It is easy to forget that products such as these, labels, pot tags, hang tags, thermal labels and more, are specialty products that are vital to the nursery's success!

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