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The technical level of beverage round bottle labeling machine needs to be improved-automatic labeling machine manufacturer-online printing labeling machine-shenzhen bogao

by:Zhongya Packaging      2021-12-30
In recent years, although my country's food and beverage round bottle labeling machine machinery industry has made great achievements, it is still far behind the advanced level of foreign countries and needs to be improved. Bogao logo technicians suggested that they should take the road of combining learning and research, and establish strategic alliances for technological innovation. However, the investment in scientific research is insufficient and the technical level of products is low. my country's food equipment products have a backward technical level, an unreasonable product structure, a small number of varieties and supporting equipment, a low level of mechanical processing, a backward equipment, a short life of basic parts and supporting parts, and a serious shortage of new product development capabilities. The relatively backward food round bottle labeling machinery industry in China has not played a very supportive role. The successful experience of some foreign food packaging and labeling equipment companies shows that when the investment for research and development accounts for 1% of the company's sales, the company cannot survive, it can barely maintain at 2%, and it becomes competitive when it accounts for 5%. However, the average investment in research and development by my country's food packaging and labeling equipment companies is less than 1%. In fact, it is not in a hurry. The problems that need to be solved by round bottle labeling machinery are not unique to China. German round bottle labeling machinery, especially food round bottle labeling machinery, has the characteristics of high-speed complete set, high degree of automation and good reliability. Increasing the speed of the machine is a complicated problem. The faster the speed, the lower the production cost per piece, but the area used in the delivery room will increase accordingly. In addition, the motor speed is also limited, so you can't think as fast as you want. Generally speaking, a 15%-20% increase in speed brings a series of complex problems. Through simulation, the introduction of modified plastic technology and capital, and global procurement, the production level of my country's round bottle labeling machinery and the level of industrial design can be quickly carried out. Our country's round bottle labeling machine manufacturing companies simply purchase some core components, so as to quickly raise the level of technical means and reliability of the facilities. After more than 20 years of development, China's round bottle labeling machinery has become one of the key industries in the machinery industry. As China's comprehensive national strength continues to increase, China's round bottle labeling machinery industry has also made great progress, and packaging labeling technology has improved very quickly. In addition, the discipline construction of round bottle labeling machinery should be strengthened to cultivate high-quality talents. At present colleges and universities with good basic disciplines of packaging and labeling equipment, establish superior disciplines with a strong faculty, excellent research environment and rich academic performance, and cultivate high-quality talents required by the round bottle labeling machinery industry. Approve scientific research institutes with a better foundation, encourage scientific and technological talents to carry out knowledge innovation, technological innovation re-education, and train more high-quality talents to meet the needs of industry discovery.
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