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The self-adhesive labeling machine is indispensable for improving the food and pharmaceutical safety system-automatic labeling machine manufacturers-online printing labeling machine-Shenzhen Bogao logo

by:Zhongya Packaging      2022-04-09
With the increasing degree of consumers’ safety issues regarding food and drugs, how manufacturers can effectively ensure the safety of food and drugs is currently an important problem facing my country’s Supervision Bureau. Now that food has the 'General Principles for Prepackaged Food LabelingAt present, many pharmaceutical companies and food processing companies have established pharmaceutical and food information traceability systems through two-dimensional code, barcode technology, and RFID electronic label technology. The barcodes, QR codes, etc. required for information traceability are all pasted to the product through the online printing and labeling machine. The improvement of this system will also help the packaging industry market to further improve. When the labeling machine completes the food safety traceability system, whether it uses barcode traceability technology or RFID electronic label technology, it needs to print a two-dimensional code or barcode on the label. In other words, the label of the self-adhesive labeling machine is the carrier of information in the circulation of medicines and foods, so the importance of the self-adhesive labeling machine is self-evident. In order to avoid the situation that the information cannot be recorded or read, the label must not be wrinkled, let alone fall off. To ensure the quality of labeling, pharmaceutical and food manufacturers can choose to use the corresponding labeling machine to label their products. With the increase of labeling machine manufacturers, it will inevitably lead to a price war for labeling machines. Now the types and models of self-adhesive labeling machinery on the market, and even multi-functional, multi-labeling head customized labeling equipment are gradually increasing. According to the traditional label material, it can be divided into hot melt adhesive labeling machine, paste labeling machine, self-adhesive labeling machine, etc.; according to the labeling method, it can be divided into linear labeling machine, rotary labeling machine, and rotary labeling machine. Standard machine and so on. The labeling machine adopts intelligent control, which not only has fast labeling speed, but also has strong label adhesion, which can reduce the occurrence of label curling or label falling off. The important thing is that the self-adhesive labeling machine applies glue evenly, which can well avoid label wrinkles and other problems. Now the pharmaceutical and food safety traceability system is established on the basis of electronic labels, and the labeling machine can guarantee the labeling quality and avoid the situation that the information cannot be read due to the poor labeling quality. Today, my country is vigorously promoting the construction of a food safety traceability system, which will help to further expand the market size of labeling machines. In addition, labeling machine manufacturers should also cater to market demand when producing equipment, increase innovation, and enhance the market competitiveness of equipment.
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