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The role of the production line online automatic labeling machine-automatic labeling machine manufacturer-online printing labeling machine-shenzhen bogao logo

by:Zhongya Packaging      2022-05-22
With the development of the market, more demands are put forward, and the electronics of information reduces the cost of product management and improves product quality. But how to number them, and how to turn these numbers into real problems for manufacturers. At this time, the hit and paste technology was brought up. We can first attach the manufacturer's own label to the product, and then record the number of labels through the scanner, which will generate a corresponding number. Then through the online automatic labeling machine, the number stored in the database is printed on the previously pasted label, which allows each product to have a specific mark, which is very effective for anti-crossing goods, traceability and anti-counterfeiting. 'In the workshop, the engineer who is debugging the machine said. The control brain of the online automatic labeling machine can seamlessly connect with ERP/MES/EAP/ODC and other production management systems through various interfaces, such as network or industrial interfaces. Realize multi-level coding association. Data transmission and reception are backed up in real time and verified to ensure that each data will not be repeated or lost. The printed data is identified in the system and stored for backup to ensure that it will not be disordered. The system has an automatic alarm function. In the modern packaging industry, labeling machines are an indispensable part of modern times, and the market for online automatic labeling machines is also increasing. In order to pursue efficiency, many customers are looking for The labeling machine that can print immediately, print out the production date or serial number and then paste it on the product packaging. The online automatic labeling machine is a high-performance, high-efficiency, low-cost real-time printing and labeling system, the label is printed and applied without advance Printed label patterns or text can save label costs. It can also be used as production line equipment, which is fully adapted to the requirements of industrial production environment. The production line automatic labeling machine equipment produced by Bogao Labeling Machinery Co., Ltd., There are automatic and semi-automatic distinctions, but no matter which type of equipment, it is a label with potential, and its ability is worthy of recognition. The improvement of our labeling machine can not only improve its own functions, but also promote The growth of the technical level of the industry will also be recognized by more and more users, increasing the application field and developing space.
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