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The part that needs to be adjusted when the automatic labeling machine fails-automatic labeling machine manufacturer-online printing labeling machine-shenzhen bogao logo

by:Zhongya Packaging      2022-02-10
No matter what the machine is, it will inevitably have some problems after using the automatic labeling machine for a long time. Quick solution and repair and maintenance work in advance are the keys to prolonging the life of the labeling machine and stable production. The following describes the failure of the automatic labeling machine. Adjust the position. 1 Adjust the angle of the lever to the appropriate part. 2 Disassemble and replace the cotton pad and plastic spring washer in the indenter assembly. 3 If the single clip finger is loose, you can loosen the clip screw and adjust it to the corresponding part and tighten the screw; the overall clip If the index finger is loose, you need to adjust the bolt that fixes the index shaft to a suitable position, and push the clamp index to the best position inward. 4 Just remove and replace the hub clamp spring. 5 Adjust the thickness of the rubber film of the rubber roller; check whether the action of the clamp finger is the same. 6 Use the handwheel to adjust the hub, and adjust it to the specified suitable position. 7 Adjust the belt to a suitable part; check whether the beauty nozzle is blocked. 8 check whether there are foreign objects on the surface, adjust the position of the blowing pipe; check whether the nozzle is clean; adjust the nozzle position; 9 check whether the height of the bottle head is suitable, adjust it Position; check whether the roller ball in the bottle pressing head is missing, causing the glass bottle to rotate inefficiently, just dismantle and replace; check whether the backing plate behind the glass bottle at the place where the rotating hub is sent to the label is in place, just adjust it 10 adjust the rotating hub with the hand wheel, Turn it back and forth to adjust to a suitable position; adjust the angle between the top mark and the body mark 11 Use a wrench to loosen the bolt, adjust the bolt to the best position, tighten a bolt before testing to see the effect, Tighten other bolts until it runs normally. 12 Adjust the fixed star wheel to the specified best position, and loosen the bolt at the bottom end of the star wheel when necessary. 13 Check whether the bottom of the pump is blocked by a foreign body; check whether there is a foreign body blocked in the hose; check the steel ball position and whether the rubber pump is leaking. 14 Adjust the lifting shaft position to adjust the indenter position. 15 Adjust the position of the label box according to the label paper. 16 Adjust the thickness of the rubber film of the rubber roller; adjust the position of the standard brush 17 The standard plate is not evenly glued, adjust the labeling machine's standard plate position to take the glue evenly, and adjust the position of the standard brush 18 Loose clamping finger, adjust the clamping finger position ; If the glue viscosity is too large, adjust the glue application temperature; take less glue on the left side of the target plate, which causes the label paper to lift up, adjust the part of the target plate.
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