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The lack of self-adhesive labeling machine labels for bulk food in supermarkets worries the masses

by:Zhongya Packaging      2022-01-13
Let's talk about the story in the supermarket, but it is still related to the sticker labeling machine. When you usually go to the supermarket, you will find that the bulk food in the fresh food area and the deli area are usually placed directly on the freezer and fresh-keeping shelves, and there is no label or bar code on the simple packaging. According to my country's 'Bulk Food Hygiene Management CodeThe operator has washing, disinfection, storage and temperature adjustment facilities or equipment that meet the sanitary requirements. However, it is obvious that most supermarkets have not done the above-mentioned items. With the implementation of laws, regulations and policies to strengthen food packaging, labeling machines, online printing labeling machines, weighing printing labeling machines, food packaging machines, sealing labeling machines, etc. are the labeling equipment that my country's large supermarkets need to purchase. Poor sanitary conditions and incomplete label information. It was found in the supermarket yesterday that there were problems with the placement of bulk foods on sale. All kinds of cakes, snacks, biscuits and nuts are sorted and placed on the shelves, and some are placed in the cabinet. These foods are usually served in trays and boxes, and some of the utensils are filled with plastic bags, which seem to be quite hygienic. However, since the food is exposed to the air, there is no dust cover or plastic bag on it, the sanitary conditions are actually not good. In addition, these foods are placed directly on the shelves, and there is no safe distance from the surroundings, and citizens can pick them up at will when they pass by. Some foods may be touched because the shelves are placed in the middle of the road. The sanitation of food is worrying, and the setting of food labels is also very irregular. In the dim sum sales area of u200bu200bthis supermarket, the name, price, and date of the food are clearly marked. However, the labeling information of some foods on the shelves in the road is not detailed, and the production date and shelf life are not known. Among them, some snack labels only indicate the name and price, and no other information. Without seeing the production date, it is difficult for consumers to buy with confidence. 'I found that the labels of these bulk foods are not clearly marked. Some do not even have the production date and shelf life, and I don’t know how long they can be stored. Supervision should be strengthened in this regard. These dried goods and pickles are easy to deteriorate after the shelf life in the past. 'Every food in the supermarket needs to be labeled with its own due, so that consumers can be informed of where it comes from, when it expires, and so on.
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