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The labeling machine uses different methods to make different effects

by:Zhongya Packaging      2022-01-17
Nowadays, with the use of various automation equipment, more and more are used in various industries, and in various industries, the role played by us is not to be underestimated. The same is true, so the labeling machine uses different methods to produce different effects, why do you say that! The editor of Bogao will talk about it for us below. 1. 'Suction sticking method' This is a common labeling technology. When the label paper leaves the conveyor belt, it is distributed on the vacuum pad, and the vacuum pad is connected to the end of a mechanical device. When the mechanical device is stretched to the point where the label and the package are in contact, it shrinks back, and at this time the label is attached to the package. This technology reliably achieves correct labeling with high accuracy. This method is very suitable for top labeling where the height of the product package has a certain change, or for side labeling of packages that are difficult to move, but it The labeling speed is slower. 2. 'Blowing and sticking method' Some of the operation methods of this technology are similar to the above-mentioned suction sticking method, which is to place the label on the vacuum surface pad and fix it until the sticking action starts. But in this method, the vacuum surface remains immobile. The label is fixed and positioned on a 'vacuum gridAir jet'. From these 'air jetsThis is a complex technology, it has high accuracy and reliability. If you want to know more about the labeling machine using different methods to produce different effects, you can click on Bogao's website page to browse!
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