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The labeling machine is the star equipment of the packaging industry and has a wide range of use-industry news

by:Zhongya Packaging      2022-05-26
The labeling machine is now the star equipment in the packaging industry, and it can even be said to be an indispensable equipment. If the product does not have any logo, how can it be recognized by consumers? Not only can it not attract consumers to buy, but even what the product is, I don't know how to use it. There are many types of labeling machines. According to the degree of automation, they can be divided into automatic labeling machines and semi-automatic labeling machines. According to the different objects of labeling, they can be divided into round bottle labeling machines, vial labeling machines, and others. Surface labeling machine and so on. The beginning of the working process of the      labeling machine is to feed the labeling object to the labeling machine at a constant speed on the conveyor belt. The mechanical fixing device separates the labelled objects by a fixed distance and pushes the labelled objects forward along the conveyor belt. The mechanical system of the labeling machine includes a driving wheel, a labeling wheel, and a reel. The driving wheel drags the label tape intermittently. The label tape is pulled out from the reel and passes through the labeling wheel at the same time. The labeling wheel will press the label tape on the labeling object. An open-loop displacement control is used on the reel to maintain the tension of the label tape. Because the labels are closely connected to each other on the label tape, the label tape must constantly start and stop. The      label is affixed to the box when the labeling wheel moves at the same speed as the box. When the conveyor belt reaches a certain position, the label belt drive wheel will accelerate to a speed that matches the conveyor belt, and after the label is attached, it will decelerate to a stop.     Nowadays, the labeling machine is widely used in the labeling of product packaging containers and boxes in all walks of life. Let’s take a look at which fields it is used in!     1. Food industry: The food manufacturing industry is highly competitive, and multi-layer labels provide manufacturers with more space for publicity and promotion, as well as new challenges for the design of labeling machines.     2. Beverage industry: applications in the beverage industry require high speed and accurate positioning, and often have multiple labels per bottle. In addition, the appearance and material of the label often change, and the position control skills are very demanding when labeling.     3. Daily chemical industry: The application requirements of the daily chemical industry often change with each passing day due to the changeable shape of the container. Soft plastic containers and 'unlabeled visual perception' also increase the difficulty of labeling accuracy and bubble elimination control. 4. Medical industry: The medical supplies manufacturing industry uses more and more self-adhesive labels. In addition to labeling, labels also provide other functional uses. The design of the labeling machine should also be based on the particularity of the label. The difference. 5. Pharmaceutical industry: The pharmaceutical manufacturing industry is a big user of automatic labeling, and it has high requirements for speed. The design of the labeling machine must take into account the integration of the process before and after labeling, and provide labeling front lamp inspection and post-labeling robots. Additional functions such as bottle holders.    6. Card manufacturing industry: The card manufacturing industry also needs to verify and cover the password while printing the password at high speed during the card manufacturing process. However, covering the password with traditional silk screen or hot stamping methods is often the bottleneck in production. At present, designers boldly try to replace silk screen with labeling to design a card production line that integrates coding, testing, and labeling coverage, integrating more creativity, adding more production links and combination flexibility, and more Effectively meet the changing production needs of users.
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