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The importance of labeling machine-automatic labeling machine manufacturer-online printing labeling machine-shenzhen bogao logo

by:Zhongya Packaging      2022-01-16
In recent years, food and drug safety incidents have occurred repeatedly, which has repeatedly attacked consumers’ reputation for products and merchants, and has also made some customers continue to strengthen their self-prevention awareness. Therefore, the label of the product is very important for the circulation of goods. Function, the label of the product contains various attributes such as the production date, shelf life, and precautions for use of the product. This also reflects the importance of the labeling machine in this aspect. At present, there are many products on the market, and the types and styles are even more diverse. No matter what kind of product, a label is required. The label is inseparable from the labeling machine, and the products that pass the labeling machine's iron arm are more It has a sense of beauty, so the market has a strong demand for labeling machines, which has brought development momentum to the labeling machine market. At the same time, with the passage of time, the labeling machine has more and more impact on people, gradually changing people’s living habits, making people more dependent on the labeling machine, and the labeling machine will also bring us greater convenient. The labeling machine industry in my country has developed relatively late. Although the market has made great progress after years of continuous innovation, there are also some problems in the development, especially in the open and highly competitive modern market, each labeling Machine manufacturers will always encounter such and other problems. Product packaging needs and requirements continue to increase, price wars continue, foreign labeling machines seize the market, etc. Faced with development problems, every labeling machine manufacturer should develop ideas and increase Large investment in science and technology has enabled the labeling machine to achieve technological and modernization, put a lot of effort into the efficiency and labeling effect of the automatic labeling machine, constantly arm itself with modern scientific knowledge, and use new technology to innovate the automatic labeling machine to improve the automatic The efficiency and performance of the labeling machine can meet the needs of the rapidly developing market. For consumers, due to the continuous expansion of the labeling machine market, we have more ways to choose a labeling machine. Next, the editor will introduce how to choose a labeling machine from the main function and control aspects. In the past, the labeling position detected by the labeling machine was based on the front edge of the bottle as the photosensitive point. Because bottles of different diameters need to be moved by the corresponding electric eye or the labeling time is changed, if this change is not made, it will not be guaranteed to be labelled on each bottle. The requested location. The current products all have the 'automatically calculate label length' function, which effectively compensates for the above-mentioned weaknesses. In terms of the synchronization of the control speed, in addition to the above-mentioned 'automatically calculate label length' function, the labeling machine should also automatically complete the synchronization adjustment of the conveyor belt speed, the labeling speed, and the labeling length. This is also the same as the traditional labeling machine. The difference is the guarantee of the stability of labeling quality. Also consider adding a visual system, which can perform real-time detection, control, and alarm on the integrity of the printing, the state of the type, and whether the label after labeling is present or not, whether it is complete, and so on.
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