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The growth factor of automatic labeling machine is delayed by cost recovery

by:Zhongya Packaging      2022-05-11
Whether it is a company or an individual, when making an investment, it will consider the time to recover the cost, and the same is true for the fully automatic labeling machine. If the user chooses it and it takes a long time to recover the cost, then few people will choose it, of course, except for those companies that have strong capital strength and are not profitable, but such companies are rare. Because even if any enterprise does not take profit as its basic goal, it will be one of its goals. Therefore, in every stage of the improvement and development of the fully automatic labeling machine, the cost recovery time needs to be considered. Some time ago, China's photovoltaic industry had a big problem, and some people had this idea at that time, why can't the photovoltaic equipment we produce be the main market in China, but sell these equipment abroad? In fact, the reason is very simple, that is, because the cost recovery time is particularly long in China, one user said that the recovery time is ten years. This is obviously a situation to be avoided for a fully automatic labeling machine, because if its cost recovery time is ten years, then no more users will choose it. Because in the current domestic market, there are not so many companies that can really last ten years. In fact, everyone knows very well that every project requires investment, but we will want to recover the cost as soon as possible when investing. As long as the cost recovery time of the project is very short, then we will be selected. On the contrary, it will not be selected. This is the case for the automatic labeling machine, as is the case with other various equipment and investment projects. However, the automatic labeling machine is different from ordinary investment projects, that is, it belongs to mechanical equipment. Therefore, whether its performance is good or bad, whether the function meets the market requirements, these directly affect the cost recovery time. Therefore, we As long as these are done well, then you will be recognized.
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