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The diversification of food products leads to the technological innovation of automatic food labeling machine enterprises

by:Zhongya Packaging      2022-01-03
In recent years, meat, sweets and beverages have been labeled with smaller sizes, which has a lot to do with people's increased health awareness and attention to body shape. Since it is because of consumer demand that meat, sweets and beverages have made innovations in packaging and labeling sizes, other foods will definitely follow the market trend and launch more product packaging and labeling machines of different sizes. Food packaging can not only guarantee the quality of products during storage and transportation, but also bear the burden of attracting consumers. When consumers buy food, in addition to being attracted by exquisite food packaging and reasonable prices, the appropriate label size is also an important factor in determining consumer purchases. In fact, for package labeling design, size is an extremely important indicator that is rarely mentioned. Any product designer and brand may not consider the size issue, and it is becoming more and more important to the brand's product strategy. This shows that with the continuous expansion of the brand's product portfolio, in order to meet the needs of consumers at different times and occasions, it is necessary to provide more specifications and size options-small and smaller, and large and larger. Consumers' demand for product sizes is becoming more abundant, which is actually closely related to the gradual changes in their lifestyles. Take young office workers in the city as an example. Most of them live alone or rent together with one or two people. It is more appropriate to buy a small amount of food; they pay attention to health, and eat high-calorie food in small packages. On the other hand, this group of people have relatively limited living expenses and are more budget-conscious. They will compare size and price to buy more cost-effective products. To realize the diversification of food packaging labeling sizes, the corresponding automatic food labeling machinery is facing reform and innovation. Although some packaging and labeling machinery in my country has begun to produce new size packaging, the labeling technology and equipment manufacturing capabilities have not yet reached the mature stage, and there is a big gap compared with the international advanced level. Therefore, my country's labeling machinery manufacturers need to develop and update technology and equipment manufacturing capabilities in a timely manner to meet consumers' needs for food of different sizes and keep up with the world's technical level of labeling machinery.
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