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The difference between thermal transfer and thermal printing labeling machine-automatic labeling machine manufacturer-online printing labeling machine-shenzhen bogao logo

by:Zhongya Packaging      2022-03-02
Many times, people often ask about a device called a thermal transfer labeling machine, which is actually what we often call a printing labeling machine, because the main printing structure of the thermal transfer labeling machine is a barcode printer, we are doing When printing and labeling in real time, it is to add mechanical labeling arms, electrical equipment, computer control equipment, racks, etc. on top of it, so that some standard printing and labeling machines are formed to provide some automated packaging It is used by the company of the segment. Let's get to know some knowledge about thermal transfer and thermal printing! Thermal transfer and thermal printing are two methods of bar code printing. Each method uses a thermal print head to heat the printing surface. Thermal transfer is to print durable and long-lasting patterns on a variety of materials by heating the ribbon. Thermal printing does not use ribbon, but directly prints patterns on the label material. Thermal printing and thermal transfer are the best bar code printing technologies because they can be easily applied to a variety of adhesive label materials and print out accurate and high-quality patterns with excellent edge definition. Each technology can produce one-dimensional and two-dimensional bar code symbols with patterns and text fonts with the same printing resolution and speed. The following sections will help you understand the differences between various technologies and how to choose the appropriate printing method in your application. Printing principle Thermal printing uses chemically treated thermal media, which turns black when it passes under the thermal print head. Thermal printers do not use ink, toner, or ribbon. The simple design makes the thermal printer durable and easy to use. Because there is no ribbon, the operating cost of a thermal printer is lower than that of a thermal transfer printer. The pattern on the thermal media will fade over time. If the label is excessively exposed to heat, light or other catalysts, the material will darken, making the barcode unreadable. The readability of thermal labels varies greatly depending on the conditions of use, but this technology provides sufficient service life for rated labeling and many other common barcode printing applications. For example, after six months of storage in the distribution center, direct thermal labels can still be easily scanned. In thermal transfer printing, the thermal print head heats the ribbon, and the ink melts on the label material to form a pattern. The ribbon material is absorbed by the medium, and the pattern forms part of the label. This technology provides pattern quality and durability unmatched by other on-demand printing technologies. Compared with thermal printers, thermal transfer printers can accept a wider variety of media, including paper, polyester and polypropylene materials. Thermal transfer printers can generate durable rated labels, UL/CSA labels, tags and receipts, as well as wristbands, permanent asset tags, shelf tags, and other markings. Thermal transfer printers can use wax or resin ribbons. Wax is the most common and inexpensive option, suitable for many labeling applications. Resin ribbons can improve heat resistance and chemical resistance, and are mostly used to synthesize label materials. The resin-modified wax ribbon combines the advantages of both, and performs well on many label materials. Thermal transfer labeling machine, simply summarize the three major differences between thermal and thermal transfer 1. In terms of cost comparison: thermal printers have lower costs and lower consumables; thermal transfer printers and consumables cost more than thermal printers High cost; 2. Warranty time comparison: The storage time of the media printed by thermal printers is not long, generally half a year; The storage time of media printed by thermal transfer printers is longer, generally more than two years; 3. Different consumables used: Thermal printers print thermal paper; consumables used by thermal transfer barcode printers: self-adhesive label paper, PET, PVC, wash labels, tag and other label media; thermal transfer barcode printers can also use thermal Sensitive paper printing. In order to save money, some users try to buy the cheapest media from some sellers. This approach may save limited costs, but doing so will result in higher total costs later, because inferior materials may reduce the service life of the print head, and in rated labeling applications, because the label has readable quality defects, resulting in Greater loss. Therefore, for a set of automated equipment, the print head of the thermal transfer labeling machine is a very delicate and fragile accessory, and there are still certain requirements for the material. We recommend that customers use it when choosing label ribbon materials. High-quality and reliable products.
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