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The development trend of food round bottle labeling machine manufacturers is indispensable for outstanding talents and technology-automatic labeling machine manufacturers-online printing labeling machine-shenzhen

by:Zhongya Packaging      2022-01-01
Behind the rapid development trend of industrial production of CNC machine tool round bottle labeling machines, many high-tech machinery and equipment still rely on imports. Every year, many foreign exchange transactions are used to import complete sets of equipment. Such as automatic labeling machine production equipment, a production line is the principle of 100 million yuan nearby. Since the introduction in the 1970s, China has successively imported 110 such production lines. Compared with overseas, the key to the difference in my country's machinery and equipment manufacturing standards is reflected in technology. For global technologies such as autoclaving, no one is developing and designing at this stage. The development and design of such cutting-edge technologies requires capital investment in professional knowledge as well as capital investment in weapons and equipment. The company refuses to invest in capital. Research institutes So there is no energy, and in the long run, the difference between our country and the international level of excellence may become greater and greater. In response to the future development trend of labeling of food packaging materials, Chinese companies should base themselves on independent innovation and increase the scope of technological innovation; slowly implement a 'big, strong, small, specialized' manufacturing operation model, with a 'diversified' market demand management system; attach great importance to Emerald green labels and stickers, avoid environmental pollution and attach great importance to ecological environment protection. A technical product without technological innovation is like a person without a soul. Only a body can only grasp the application of new technology of high-tech, and then can focus on the higher level of victory and defeat the enemy. It is necessary to create high-quality compound talents, and to upgrade core technologies, in addition to sufficient product Ru0026D asset assistance, it is more important to digest and absorb relevant outstanding technologies from overseas, so as to combine pioneering and integrated independence. Innovative ways to increase the comprehensive energy sales price and high safety factor of the food round bottle labeling machine in an all-round way. This requires high-quality qualified talents with technical integration and independent innovation capabilities. Due to the historical time and working capital of the development trend of the industry, the extreme shortage of high-quality talents has become an indisputable fact, and it has also become a shortcoming of the technological development trend of food companies. The market competition in the international labeling machinery manufacturing industry is intensifying. CNC machine tool round bottle labeling machinery is moving towards a high-speed, intelligent, and operating intelligent system. To cope with the situation that is not optimistic, in my country's labeling machinery manufacturing industry, it is necessary to improve the scientific and technological content of products, follow the trend of systematic development, and rely on technological development to promote the development of the industry.
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