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The development of labeling machines must be accelerated with the progress of the times

by:Zhongya Packaging      2022-03-16
Since the reform and opening up, with the continuous advancement of science and technology, the technical content of labeling machines has also been continuously improved. In the 1960s, the use of electromechanical, optical, liquid and gas integrated technology in labeling machines has increased significantly, and the types of labeling machines on the market have gradually increased. On this basis, the degree of automation has been strengthened again, and in the 1990s, the arrival of the information age has caused a qualitative change in packaging equipment. In some fields, more computers and robots are used for supply. In terms of delivery, inspection, management, etc., it is preparing to transition to a flexible automatic packaging line and an 'unmanned' automatic packaging workshop. As far as the current development of the domestic labeling machine industry is concerned, there is still a certain distance between the development of the industry’s technology and developed countries in Europe and America. The labeling machines it produces not only have advantages in technology, but also have advantages in price. Domestic companies want To change this situation, it is necessary to carry out technological innovation and product innovation, and effectively improve the technical level of the labeling machine, which is an effective policy and direction for stabilizing the price of the labeling machine and balancing the development of the labeling machine. 1. Pure mechanical solution: When using a pure mechanical solution, the labeling machine uses a mechanical device to place the container to be labeled on a specific position. For example, a mechanical cam rotates the bottle to be labeled until it reaches the bottom or side of the bottle. A seam or mark is inserted into the mechanical brake device, which means that the mechanical cost will be high when changing the bottle shape or other packaging, because if the alignment seam is changed, the alignment unit must be replaced as a whole, even including the mechanical cam , Only when the type of container to be labeled is basically the same, and the requirement for flexibility is not too high, the use of mechanical alignment makes sense. 2. Solutions using sensors and light sensors: this labeling machine uses sensors to align the container to be labeled according to the required position, and the light sensor on the upper part of the machine scans the seams or marks on the container, and then sends its position To the higher-level controller. It is necessary to install the sensor on the upper part of the machine, because the bottle-holding carousel runs under the bottle-in and bottle-out star wheel, and there is no room for installing the sensor. In fact, the sensor moves with the container to be labeled, which rotates at a fixed speed in front of itself. If you need a sensor to find a specific mark on the bottle, use a sensor with a digital output. They can be directly connected to a distributed servo controller. The bottle rotates in front of the sensor. The sensor recognizes the mark and sends a signal. The connected servo device is fixed Zero speed is reached in the platform, and the bottle is accurately positioned. If the labeling system works according to the marks or patterns on the bottle or container, a sensor with an analog output can be used in the machine, or it can be directly connected to a distributed servo controller. Similar to the above system, the bottle carousel will The label container is unfolded in front of the rotating sensor. If the sensor detects the mark in the form of an analog signal, the servo will return to zero speed again. Unlike the digital output, in order to identify the analog sensor, the marking information in the decentralized servo drive must be known. However, this method has an obvious disadvantage: before production starts, the operator must calibrate all the sensors in the system for the corresponding bottle type, which takes time and the error rate will increase.
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