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The development of automatic labeling machine is growing day by day

by:Zhongya Packaging      2022-05-13
Looking back ten years, China’s packaging equipment is very backward. The rapid development of China in the 21st century is also unprecedented in human history. The automatic labeling machine industry in packaging equipment has risen to widespread, and it will soon be in packaging. It has become an indispensable device in the equipment, and it is widely used in the fields of medicine and daily chemicals. Regarding the safety and efficacy of medicines, the most direct way for consumers to understand this approach is to obtain information through the packaging of medicines. Therefore, the labeling machine in the medicine packaging equipment plays an important role in it. In the 1970s and 1980s, people’s living standards were generally low, so there was not much demand for relevant food and medicines on the market. At that time, the packaging industry mainly relied on manual manual operations, but manual labeling would face inefficiency. A series of problems such as skewed attachment, uneven glue thickness, and wrinkles. Even if there is a labeling machine, it still needs to rely on imports. The average price of the company cannot accept it. As the country’s comprehensive national strength increases, companies Large-scale production began to need this kind of equipment, its appearance greatly improved work efficiency, and the attachment position is accurate, good quality, and high stability. However, since our country did not have relatively standardized industry guidelines at that time for most packaging machinery industries to refer to, the development of labeling machines presented a relatively confused state, and manufacturers could only fight for the market from objective aspects such as prices and specifications. The imitation phenomenon is serious, high-end products are lacking, and only low and medium levels are maintained. Moreover, some companies also adopt price competition, which has caused chaos in the labeling machine market in my country. However, it has to be said that the prospects of the fully automatic labeling machine industry are widely optimistic. Therefore, in a fiercely competitive environment, the labeling machine industry must be committed to meeting the different needs of users and ensuring the development opportunities required by users in various productions. , Do not conduct malicious competition at low prices, take quality as the core of enterprise sales and operation, and promote the healthy development of the labeling machine industry. In addition, the labeling machine should be more pragmatic on the road of seeking development. In the next few years, it is necessary to continuously improve product quality, innovate, and shape a new brand image, with the ultimate goal of the long-term and sound development of the fully automatic labeling machine enterprise. Only innovation can develop and have a broader market. Bogao Sign Technology is a manufacturer of labeling machines for non-standard related products and equipment. With the continuous improvement of user needs, the company has opened up a new path in another field of labeling machines, which is fully automatic labeling machine. The general labeling machine has been extended once again, and it has won the approval and orders of many automation equipment companies to find a way of innovation in the field of automatic labeling machines.
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