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The details that need to pay attention to when choosing a labeling machine manufacturer-automatic labeling machine manufacturer-online printing labeling machine-shenzhen bogao

by:Zhongya Packaging      2022-01-10
In the past, the labeling machine has been widely used in various industries. What details should customers consider and pay attention to when choosing a labeling machine? In talking with customers, our company often encounters many Users who need to buy a labeling machine are very casual when choosing models and brands. They think that the labeling machine can be used, and they never care about the life and function details of the equipment. What kind of labeling machine are you planning to buy more cost-effective? Therefore, the engineers of Bogao logo labeling machine communicate with you about the issues that need to be paid attention to in the labeling machine purchase, and hope to bring you some reference. 1. Supporting functions 1. Labeling function: high labeling precision, high efficiency and good stability. 2. Self-adaptation function: self-adaptation function (can reduce the difficulty of equipment adjustment) 3. Alarm function: alarm for abnormal electrical faults, alarm for adjustment errors, and alarm for safety protection. 4. Safety protection function: speed upper and lower limit protection, overload protection. 5. Supporting function expansion: can be connected to printers, inkjet printers, reserved ddLC interface. 2. Electrical configuration ddLC, man-machine interface, click, frequency converter, encoder, measuring sensor, target measuring sensor. Judgment Note: Unknown imported brands will have serious stability problems. 3. Mechanical structure: Rigidity, adjustment mechanism, label winding, conveying mechanism, header, traction mechanism. Judgment criteria: sufficient rigidity, fine adjustment related to labeling/guide, screw adjustment, adjustable traction shaft pressure, simple label winding, reasonable header layout, stable conveying and no abnormal noise. Fourth, the scope of application The scope of applicable products, the scope of applicable labels Judgment criteria: the applicable width of the label is more than 150MM, and the product is applicable to more than 300MM. 5. Applicable materials Electric box materials, electric box theme materials, and mechanical theme materials. Judgment standard: The electric box sheet metal is made of stainless steel, the bracket is made of electrophoretic aluminum profile, and the main body of the machine is made of stainless steel. 6. Production system Judgment standard: productivity and production standardization Judgment standard: A complete company production management system is the guarantee of the quality of the labeling machine. 7. Service sales system Judgment criteria: after-sales service, service sales commitment, service cost, availability of service outlets, and service fee collection regulations.
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