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The basic working principle of labeling machine-industry news

by:Zhongya Packaging      2022-05-26
The labeling machine is to stick rolls of glued labels on the packaging of the product. At present, the types of labeling machines in my country have increased, and the level of technology has also developed correspondingly, and the machine has become more and more convenient. The basic working principle is as follows.    1, when the transmission      works, first use a conveyor to transport the boxes to the labeling machine one by one at a constant speed. The machinery on the conveyor can fix the boxes at the same distance and push the boxes along the direction of the belt. The machinery on the conveyor includes a reel, a labeling wheel, and a wheel for driving. The driving wheel operates intermittently. When the driving wheel stops, the labeling wheel will be pulled out. At the same time, the label passing the labeling wheel will be pressed on the box by it. The reel adopts open-loop technology to control the conveying displacement. It can be used to maintain the tension of the label, keep the label undulating, and make the operation continue.    2, labeling      labeling occurs when the box and the labeling wheel are relatively stationary. When transported to a specific position, the labeling belt will drive the wheel to accelerate to the same speed as the box, then label it, and finally gradually stop.     Even if there is an error in the middle, such as the label tape sliding, but because it has a mark on it, it can ensure that each label is attached to the correct position, driving the wheel to re-adjust the position, it can be said that this labeling machine is really perfect.
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