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The bad effects of non-labeling of goods abound-automatic labeling machine manufacturers-online printing labeling machine-shenzhen bogao

by:Zhongya Packaging      2022-04-25
The benefits of product labeling have been introduced a lot in the past. A high-quality product with an exquisite label will give its product a greater value than the cost of the label. What are the effects or disadvantages of not labeling? How many disadvantages are there? Below is a brief summary for users. 1. First of all, the appearance of the product will affect sales; let’s compare two products with the same specifications. One of the products has a plain appearance, while the other has a delicious appearance. For consumers, it is delicious. The appearance of the product can immediately attract attention and make it interested in buying. Therefore, the product is not labeled, which often affects sales. 2. The unique brand of the product cannot be identified; people often say: 'The word is like the person' means that when you see this font, you know who wrote it. The same is true for product labeling. If products of the same style are not labelled, consumers will not be able to distinguish between these brands, causing a lot of fake and inferior products. Therefore, if the product is not labeled, it will often be affected by the brand. 3. Unable to keep up with the development of the packaging industry; the development of the packaging industry keeps pace with the times, and the innovation of various packaging equipment is followed step by step. If the product is not labeled, the development of the labeling machine will inevitably be hindered, and the packaging industry will not be able to develop rapidly. Therefore, the products are not labeled, which is detrimental to the development process of the packaging industry. Therefore, based on the above three points, there are too many disadvantages of product labeling. To this end, labeling machine manufacturers must take active actions to develop labeling equipment to let users know the benefits of product labeling.
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