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The advantages of brush glue automatic labeling machine and how to use it-automatic labeling machine manufacturer-online printing labeling machine-Shenzhen Bogao logo

by:Zhongya Packaging      2022-05-07
With the continuous development of science and technology, many industries now use automatic labeling machines. We all know that good products need to be packaged with good labels. Of course, good labels need to use good equipment and automatic labeling machines for labeling. Label, then how do we make good use of the automatic labeling machine equipment to label it? The following editor will give you an introduction. In the product packaging and labeling industry, a variety of products need to be labeled, and labels of different materials can be used in the product packaging labeling industry. There are two common types: self-adhesive labels and self-adhesive film labels, which belong to the general public. Basically, the products are suitable, and there are no particular highlights. If the user needs a high-end product labeling, it is recommended to use the method of brushing and labeling. The brush glue automatic labeling machine is developed and manufactured by Bogao logo, a professional labeling machine manufacturer. Glue automatic labeling machine equipment is an 'alias' of paste labeling machine. It adopts the paste and brush glue form to label, the label has filamentous stripes, it is flat without wrinkles, no warpage, and high quality. The function parameters of the specific equipment are as follows: The automatic glue-brushing labeling machine is controlled by a servo system, and the labeling speed can reach 100 pieces per minute. It is mainly used for labeling round bottles, flat bottles and special-shaped bottles in the wine industry, as well as labeling products suitable for the food and pharmaceutical industries. The labeling accuracy is guaranteed to be in the range of 1 mm. The advantage of using a brush glue automatic labeling machine is that although the initial investment is large, the labeling quality has made a qualitative leap. The equipment can automatically realize the functions of paper separation, paper feeding, gluing, labeling, and completion of labeling. Labeling is accurate. This is manual labeling, and semi-automatic labeling cannot be done. After a period of time, the advantages of the equipment became more and more obvious. Significantly affect the output of labor cost and time cost. Many readers and users have seen this and would like to know how to operate the automatic labeling machine equipment. In fact, the glue brushing equipment is easy to operate and can be used as a stand-alone machine or connected to a production line. The above is an introduction to the advantages of the automatic labeling machine and how to use it. If you want to know more details, please contact the online customer service of Benghao Bogao Sign Technology Co., Ltd.
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