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Technology, performance and simplicity: these

by:Zhongya Packaging      2020-08-16

Decades of know-how in the sector has allowed Gualapack to develop innovative technology to maximize the performance and quality of the filling process. In addition, continual contact with hundreds of customers throughout the world has allowed them to identify led to the identification of simple solutions and be versatile in responding to the concrete needs businesses in their daily activities.

Experience and ability to listen to clients are elements that make the difference in the development of 4H which is being presented on the market as the ideal solution for the production of flexible packaging and offering the best packaging solutions integrated in the Gualapack System: a complete system, proven and versatile, capable of being an effective marketing tool for the brand.

The most innovative characteristics of the new filling system 4H are:

High performance: the two rotating tables with four simultaneous filling heads guarantee the production of 170 pieces/minute;

Compactness: with two filling lines integrated perfectly into the body of the machine, the machine is very compact, and thus able to fit easily into even limited spaces;

Ease of management: a single operator is able to completely manage the machine at full operability, loading both lines and constantly monitoring the quality parameters of the process;

Ease of maintenance: the mechanical, electric and hydraulic elements were simplified following instructions by the client to provide the greatest assistance for maintenance and substitution of single pieces and modules;

High level technology: in each phase of the filling process cutting-edge technological solutions have been implemented to benefit the quality of the final product and thus the consumer;

Continuous quality control: the temperature of the process in which the top is paired with the straw is monitored constantly so that the integrity of the product is guaranteed and the standard deviation of the programmed parameters are controlled;

Versatility: the two filling lines can use the same product and recipe, they can be managed in parallel filling the pouches with two different recipes while maintaining the same level of performance, or using only half of the machine the other half can be turned off to execute maintenance operations.

Gualapack S.p.A is a worldwide leader in premade spouted pouches. Its case history with international companies and partnership for the start-up of innovative packaging has been successful because it offers an integrated and versatile system, the Gualapack System.

A system of packaging completely pre-made that understands the filling lines and has revolutionized the process thanks to 4H. They have also made significant innovations in bag packaging, the printing and insertion of the top and straw, and assembly of the flexible straw. It is an efficient system that also works well for small volumes as well as the launch of new products.

Gualapack since long time has been extending its Co-packing network, in fact it has a strong experience of collaboration with Contract packaging companies. Gualapack offer a wide range of Cheerpack and Doypack packing machines with specific characteristics.

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