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Teach you to identify high-quality label labeling machine-automatic labeling machine manufacturer-online printing labeling machine-shenzhen bogao logo

by:Zhongya Packaging      2022-03-18
Regarding the question of whether the quality of the labeling machine is good or not, I believe most people will not be able to distinguish it. This phenomenon is normal. Next, Bogao Logo will introduce a high-quality labeling machine carefully for everyone. What does it look like? 1. The flatness of labeling mainly depends on the reasonable design of the roller mechanism and high-precision processing. If the roller is not good, it will cause the label to wrinkle. 2. The high configuration requirements of the drive components are due to the high-precision and ultra-low inertia servo motor at the core of the marking action. In order to ensure label quality, closed-loop control is applied to the system, and the motor itself can compensate itself at all times when correcting its own position. 3. The detection mode and detection elements are also the basis for ensuring label quality and label output. Label labeling machine manufacturers with new technologies have found defects in the past when labeling, and now they have changed the detection method for thickness measurement and passed Using the thickness change caused by the gap between the label and the label to control the servo electrical operation is a better method currently used, and it is much more reliable than the previous ones. 4. In order to achieve a perfect label, the control coordination of the label labeling machine is also very important, especially the bottle conveying speed and the standard sending speed, which must be consistent so that the performance of the label labeling machine can be fully displayed. 5. Component configuration: The current high-speed labeling is based on the continuous operation of the machine, requiring all components to respond quickly and all actions to be completed instantly, which also requires the configuration of detection components. Such as: servo motor labeling, labeling motor driver, conveying motor, delivery motor, separation motor, frequency converter, labeling eye, label detection eye, delivery check switch, programmable controller, man-machine interface, etc.
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