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Take a few moments to consider the labels you use

by:Zhongya Packaging      2020-08-07

Direct Thermal Coated

These types of labels come in many varieties to meet all of the possible needs users will have for them and one of the most common types is the direct thermal coated label. These labels will have their image appear on the label when heat is applied. They have an additional coating on them to allow the label to last longer, as it protects against fading. Despite the coating, fading will still occur eventually, although not as fast, so this type of label is not ideal for permanent needs.

Direct Thermal Uncoated

The direct uncoated label is the variety of transfer labels that is usually the most inexpensive. They are similar to direct thermal coated labels but because of their lack of coating, they are easily marked and fade the easiest out of all types of thermal labels; both of which can occur by accidentally scratching or bumping the label. This type of thermal transfer label is ideal for very short term labeling needs.

Standard Thermal Transfer

Standard thermal transfer labels are more permanent than either the coated or uncoated direct thermal ones as these use wax or resin to transfer the image onto the actual label. This type uses a ribbon and heat transferring resin or wax in order to directly place the image onto the label. Because the wax or resin is transferred directly onto the label the image is able to last longer, making this one of the most popular choices.

Direct Thermal

Direct thermal labels include both direct coated and direct uncoated as well as others. As mentioned earlier, these are designed for temporary needs such as shipping. The label receives the image using heat that is applied directly from the print head. The downside of this type of thermal labels, however is that due to their reaction to heat, they will also react to hot warehouses and sunlight so are not ideal for warm environments.

Permanent Transfer

Permanent thermal transfer labels are ideal for items that need to be labeled for a long time, ranging from several months to several years. They are able to be permanent because they use a material for labeling which will not react to heat, avoiding the risk of damage from sunlight or high temperatures. Instead, the image is created by first using the print head to heat wax from a ribbon and then transferring that image onto the label.

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