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Round bottle labeling machine sensor adjustment method-automatic labeling machine manufacturer-online printing labeling machine-shenzhen bogao logo

by:Zhongya Packaging      2022-04-21
A few days ago, the editor shared a video on how to debug the labeling machine sensor. It is estimated that some people watched the operation more difficultly. For some of the friends who watched the difficultly, the editor now specially expresses it in the form of text for everyone! Hope! It can help everyone's needs, and at the same time remind everyone that you must consult the editor if you don't understand, let's enter the topic. The sensor of the labeling machine is a key component, equivalent to the human eye, and has a great relationship in use. When the labeling machine is in production, the label of the product is required due to the different production process and the complicated labeling procedure. Reset the parameters of the electric eye. So that when the company uses the production after the purchase, the operating staff can also master the sensor eye setting of the labeling machine in order to improve work efficiency. The operation steps of our semi-automatic round bottle labeling machine (enlarged version) of our labeling machine are explained. The sensing principle of the labeling machine sensor First of all, we must understand the principle of the measuring electric eye. The marking electric eye is used to detect labels, and its working principle is to identify the gaps between labels according to the difference in thickness. Suitable for general self-adhesive labels or other self-adhesive labels with a certain thickness. There are three signal lights on the electric eye, green signal light: power light yellow signal light: identification status light (yellow light is on, indicating that there is a signal output) red signal light: error or warning light 1. Put the label through the electric eye U-shaped slot 2. If you pull the label, The yellow signal light lights up in the interval between the label and the label, and goes out where there is a label, which means that the electric eye is normal and can be used directly. 3. When the yellow signal light is always on or off, you need to reset the electric eye. The sensor setting steps of the label measuring and labeling machine: a. Pass the label through the U-shaped slot of the electric eye, b. Put the label in the slot of the electric eye, you can see the yellow signal light of the electric eye flashing, and then release the button. Put the unlabeled place in the electric eye slot, and then release the button. c. Pull the label in the electric eye slot, you can see that the yellow signal light is off when there is a label in the U-shaped groove, and the yellow signal light is on at the bottom paper where there is no label between the label and the label, which means that the electric eye is working normally and the setting is completed . How to debug the sensor of the labeling machine? I believe that watching the video and the introduction of this article will definitely benefit you, and it is also the driving force of our Bogao logo labeling machine manufacturer. If you want to improve work efficiency, please buy us The labeling machine will share the task for you!
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